Forex Strategy Secrets

By: Mel Joelle

Soon after becoming involved with foreign exchange currency market trading (FOREX) new traders will encounter information that informs them of the necessity of developing a trading strategy.

Entering the phrase FOREX strategy secrets into a Web browser’s search engine will return something along the lines of 600,000 results.

This may cause one to wonder if there are really 600,000 secrets, or if there’s only one secret that 600,000 sources claim to keep.

Perhaps the more logical thought would be to wonder: If there truly are FOREX strategy secrets, why are they posted on the Internet?

The very first page of results for FOREX strategy secrets delivers opportunities to visit sites where one can learn to make over 500 winning trades in a row or make a minimum of 50 pips on every trade.

The key is to find the secrets that seem to suit you best. Here are a few examples below.

1. Never Pay for What You Can Get for Free

This is one you can apply to other areas of life in addition to FOREX trading.

Competition for new retail FOREX traders is so intense that if you were to begin tomorrow to avail yourself of all the freely available information regarding FOREX trading strategies, you will never cover it all.

2. You Already Know Everything You Need to Know in Order to Trade FOREX.

This is not to say that you don’t need to do considerable learning before placing actual trades.

All we are pointing out is that the experiences you’ve used in the effort of spending money wisely and efficiently can be transferred to trading FOREX. Simply study historical data to discover when the price of a currency pair is high and presents a bona fide selling opportunity, or when the price is low and ripe for a purchase.

3. Understand Supply and Demand

For the price of a FOREX currency pair to rise, more traders must be convinced that the price is going up, which increases demand for that currency pair and reduces supply.

For the price of a FOREX currency pair to fall, more traders must think the price is going down, which increases supply and reduces demand.

Nothing else truly matters.

Your primary task as a trader is to anticipate and react to the ever shifting sentiments of the traders against whom you are competing. Understanding supply and demand is absolutely critical in performing this task.

To conclude, we would like you to be abundantly aware of the reality that trading FOREX carries with it a significant risk of losing money.

The main decision required by you is to decide whether it makes more sense to take the funds you have earmarked for FOREX trading and dedicate those funds to things that truly increase your effectiveness as a trader, or if you want to use them in a futile effort to discover which one of the 600,000 FOREX strategy secrets is the correct one.

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