For Kitchen Design, Cheshire Has A Great Deal To Whet Your Appetite

By: James Carmichael

For many years now when it has come to locating some of the most inspiring fitted kitchens Manchester has offered some truly outstanding ideas. However, with one of the leading kitchen design showrooms moving, it is now the case that for first class kitchen design Cheshire is the ideal port of call. A kitchen is an astonishingly diverse space, and over recent years seems to have blossomed into a room upon which ever greater demands are made.

A kitchen is rarely just a space where food is prepared and cooked. Very often these days we use our kitchens as places to serve and eat our food, a place for families to gather and enjoy a meal together, somewhere to entertain guests and friends, even somewhere to socialise, sit back with a cup of coffee and a magazine, work out the bills or help your children with their homework. Such a dynamic space demands a dynamically designed kitchen, and today we are fortunate that kitchen designers have come up with some really remarkable ideas, guaranteed to increase productivity, increase efficiency, decrease clutter and inconvenience, and ratch the style rating of your kitchen up several notches.

If youíve investigated fitted kitchens Manchester style then you may already be aware of just how quickly designs are changing and adapting to suit our modern way of life much better. If you havenít investigated kitchen design for a few years then youíre almost certainly in for a rather pleasant shock.

For one thing, kitchen designers no longer seem to dwell under the illusion that we all have kitchens roughly large enough to host the Olympic Games whilst we quickly rustle up an omelette or a seven course meal for our thirty closest friends. Today, if you investigate kitchen design Cheshire style youíll discover that units and appliances have become more dynamic, useful and functional, improving the use of space dramatically, as well as reducing the time it takes to do most of those common, everyday tasks.

But donít assume that practicality and functionality rule out style. The two are not as diametrically opposed as many people seem to think. In fact, with increased efficiency and practicality it seems that many of todayís kitchen designers have managed to improve the style and appearance quite considerably. It would see that, in terms of kitchen design, we really can now have our cake and eat it.

From built in fitted cookers which combine a microwave unit, to work surfaces with built in scales which lie flush with the surface whilst always being handy and available, and from cooled drawers for storing vegetables and fresh food, to kitchen units and cupboards which save space by taking advantage of those lost spaces you never even knew were there, a modern designer fitted kitchen will dramatically improve the way you use your kitchen, no matter how many different ways that might be.

Take storage for example - it seems we never have enough of this in the average kitchen. But the answer is not to just add more and more cupboards - unless you want to end up feeling as though youíre cooking inside a shoe box factory. Modern kitchen designs have managed to solve the use of storage and space in number of remarkably imaginative ways. Many of these tend to make people clap their hand to their head and ask why no one has thought of that before!

In your own kitchen there is likely to be at least one underused area - often a back corner of your room where two kitchen units meet. Reaching into this dark, dank corner can prove too awkward to make it a viable place to store anything other than the automatic cherry pipper you bought five years ago and havenít used once. Yet today, if you are looking at kitchen design, Cheshire will be the place to go. Here youíll find cleverly designed units which fit directly into these dark underused corners, allowing you to pull out this area of storage into the room for easy access. Suddenly you have gained a whole extra cupboard, without losing a single inch of space.

From slide out larders to carousel cupboards, the range of ingenious storage solutions goes on, and youíll find almost no end of useful gadgets and features which help you re-think the whole concept of kitchen design. A kitchen should be designed around you and your family, and especially with the ways in which your kitchen space is used. Whether a social hub, a family centre, a gastronomic delight or simply a place to kick back once the kids have gone to school, a kitchen is more than just a kitchen these days. For outstanding kitchen design Cheshire now offers a great deal to whet your appetite.

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