Food Lifestyle for Cold Season

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The power autumn and winter dishes often feature more elaborate and heavier than in summer, the reason is simple: when the body is cold it needs more calories to produce the energy needed to maintain body heat .

This was valid for one more time, farmers and rural society in which the heating was very different from our present as there were only fireplaces or stoves and food had to sustain heavy and strenuous work activities, especially related to the nature and fields, and today stand in front of a computer is certainly not "exhausting" if anything stressful for other reasons, but the cold winter does not fail.

You can agree that a diet rich in autumn should be still more than a summer or spring, that is, preferences for fruits and vegetables in season, and maybe only for simple meals that are balanced proteins, sugars and vegetable fats in particular with respect to those of animal origin.

Meat and protein sources

The cold cuts and red meat can be taken into account, just think of a delicious stew to go with a healthy and digestible polenta, is important not to superimpose it on to others especially protein foods such as cheese. The fish must be consumed at least three times a week, because it is rich in Omega 3 and friend.

Sources of starch and sugar

Inspired by the food pyramid, it is good to eat in the fall soups rich in starch derived from cereals, Not only rice but also wheat, corn or barley, legumes such as lentils together, peas and beans, with their contribution to amino acid balance to give the resulting dish. In autumn, season of mushrooms, a good risotto is perfect combining the two ingredients that, with their protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber, as well as make the dish even richer flavor.


There are also foods that play a real protective action in regard to diseases and disorders typical of this change Diet anti cold season, such as cabbage, It is a very large family, whose peculiarities are those contain many antioxidants (useful for the fight against cellular aging) including phytoestrogens, phosphorus, iron (anemia enemy), protective isoflavones for breast health , folic acid important for hemoglobin formation and sulphide, capable of defending the bronchi pollution, as confirmed in a study published on ' American Journal of Respiratory Care Medicine. The sprouts are ideal for soups or to be filled along with other vegetables with minced meat, breadcrumbs and eggs will become the perfect unique dishes.

The pumpkin fall is typically a vegetable that Mother Nature wanted to give the body cold and weaker in this particular season in which it takes large inputs of vitamin A, C, E, K, phosphorus, calcium and fiber. The fall and winter vegetable diet is definitely the most fennels, which contains very few calories (only 9 per pound!) And has a high satiating power, rich in minerals, has remarkable digestive properties and drainage.


In the diet of anti cold we should not pass without citrus, as traditionally help to counteract the fall and winter due to its high content of vitamin C, vitamin A and E, powerful antioxidants that block the free radicals responsible for aging processes and cancer. In addition, all citrus, grapefruit, have strong digestive and refreshing properties. Among the fruits that would be consumed is the persimmon For example, it is very rich in sugar ready to be assimilated by the body, immediate source of energy, and contains plenty of water, which is important for the replacement and detoxification.


This season, ending up with a friend to enjoy a hot and steaming hot chocolate is one of those little gifts that are good for stress and pull the soul of the moral certainly should not become a habit, but sometimes you can grant it.

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