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By: George Velvet

If there is one region in the world that has been most prone to conflicts since last few decades, it is the Middle East. Whenever you open the newspaper or watch a news channel, you are bound to see news regarding this area. It can be war reports, armed conflicts and public protest etc. News from Middle East is many a time full of bloodshed and conflicts as this is one region that hasn’t been stable from a long time. One country in the Middle East that has been embroiled in conflicts is Afghanistan. Thus you will always find Afghanistan breaking news taking up most of the world news section.

The region of Middle East centers Egypt and Western Asian countries like Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and alike. Among these, you will find repeated mentions of countries like Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Israel, Syria, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon in the news from Middle East. In fact, you will find that 80% of Middle East is constantly under the scanner for conflicts. Giving Middle East competition is Afghanistan breaking news due to its own domestic unrests and other conflicts. Although Afghanistan is a landlocked country between South Asia and Central Asia, it is a part of SAARC and thus a part of South Asia.

Both Middle East and Afghanistan have a history that dates back to the ancient times. News from Middle East repeatedly highlights the poor level of infrastructure and under-developed socio-economic standard of these countries. Adding to the problems is the harsh geography as it is rough and rugged with deserts and mountains all around. All these difficulties contribute to turbulence in the region that culminates into wars, armed conflicts and terrorist activities. Similarly, Afghanistan breaking news too points out the various socio-economic and geographic problems that the country continuously faces.

Afghanistan has always been a troubled country. It was involved in a Civil War that started in 1996 and lasted till 2001. Ever since US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to dismantle Al-Qaeda, Afghanistan breaking news has been full of war reports with gruesome graphics and death lists. Although US ended the combat in 2014, US troops still persist there. Even today, Afghanistan is a crisis-hit country with terrorist issues and public unrest. Coming to news from Middle East, it has been dominated by back to back civil wars; skirmishes, insurgencies, public unrest, bombings etc. in several countries. Recent news is full of reports from the crisis hit Yemen, Arab-Israeli issues and the ISIS problem.

You can follow news from Middle East via Internet. There are some top news websites where you can get authentic reports. Or, save your time and patience by going to a website where all the news links are already provided under each topic. For example, you will find a number of Afghanistan breaking news on ISIS, bombings etc. Go to one and you will find links to various news websites clubbed according to their standpoints. Read the various opinions and get a clear picture of the issue – something more than what the usual TV news channels offer.

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Follow news from Middle East to know what is happening in the world’s most conflict prone region. Check the Afghanistan breaking news to learn about the latest situation in the country.

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