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So, you spent more for your golf clubs then your TV and computer combined, and all you got for your trouble was a 5 handicap. It's not the equipment that's the problem, it's the way you think about golf. This article is about improving your golf game without breaking your trust fund.

What could you be doing wrong? You bought the Cobra driver. You spent more for it than your TV and shoes combined. So why does your handicap stay high? The solution to your golf inquiry is actually quite simple, user error. If you're like most golfers, you don't need lessons. What you need is a better approach to the art of golfing.

So, what does someone really need to master golf like Tiger Woods. I have no idea, how Tiger does what he does. I can knock your handicap down by 2 and show how to get better in small steps. What you need is more focus. I've seen people plot the shot out for ten minutes, stand at the tee, breathe, and slice the ball off into the woods. It's not about planning, it's about pushing all the noise in your mind away. Before you ever hit the ball, relax. You should notice the smell of the air, the feel of the sun on your skin. When you drive the ball, don't hit the ball as hard as you can. Some folks want that dead center drive, and don't make it half that far for forcing the golf ball into submission. The ball was intended to fly, and the club to give it air. You are just a part of the story of golfing. Just let the golf tools do their job. Strangely, the French have been golfing longer than Americans. There's an informative article written by one of these classic golf experts, on perfecting your golf swing, if you like the subject you should read !a href="">golf handicap. It also covers the subject of driving further.

Golf isn't just a game, it's a metaphor for life. The more you argue with the natural order, the more it pushes back. You'll never master your golf game if you don't realize you shouldn't desire to become a person that golfs, you want to be a golfer. A golfer isn't a person that shows up at the course once a week. A golfer leaves the course six days a week. A golfer is part of the system of the game. He lets the ball soar into the air. He lets the club push the ball by it self. A golfer flows with the game. Be a golfer.

In golf, it's key to approach a shot from the right perspective. You should allow golf to happen. If your handicap is too high, don't buy new clubs, use the old ones you have until you improve. After some practice you'll see that golf is not in the clubs, it's in you.

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