Focus & Improve your Game of Chess

By: James Bennett

You have to learn the rules of chess and the only way to do that is to play the game as much as possible. You can read about strategies and tactics, castling and various moves but unless you play they won't really mean anything. The more practice you get, the more your game will improve, maybe even good enough to become a champion!

One of the most important points to remember when starting to play is to protect your king, you may have a plan in mind to checkmate the other side, but focusing too much on this might blind you to their intention, and if that results in a checkmate for you then the game is lost. Get your castles in place to offer protection and then work on a strategy.

Next, ensure you take control of the center of the board, this is an area that can often be neglected but is very important as the more pieces guarding this section the less area your opponent has to get to your king. Limit their moves and have more options and more chance to win the game.

Try to hold on to all your pieces as they all have an important role to play in the game. Thinking it's not such a big deal to give up a pawn or a knight will lead to fewer opportunities to take the opponents pieces and checkmate.

Always remember that each piece has a function and use them wisely, for instance the castles can protect the king by guarding him from other pieces, the pawns can attempt to make it to the opponents side whereupon they get promoted to queen and can then come charging back to help the king!

Learn how to use all your pieces effectively and don't leave them in their starting positions on chess boards for the whole game. The more you use each piece the greater the attack you can build up to get the opponents king when it's time to strike.

If you intend taking the game seriously then join the many players who actually keep notes on every game they play, tactics employed, and moves made. They then analyze these notes to find ways to improve their skills and hone their proficiency.

The more you play the faster you'll learn, even losing will teach you something. At the end of each game try to figure out where it went wrong and what you could do next time to prevent this. If you're not confident then read a book about the subject, play online or just play against friends or family members until you know what you're doing and feel good enough to pit your skills against strangers. Join a club nearby and go and discuss strategies, practice, and find out more about the game. Find portable sets, like the magnetic chess set for low prices online.

The main thing when playing any board game is to have fun doing it. It's a great way to meet like-minded people, make new friends, de-stress and relax. Nobody wins every time, particularly when they have only just started to play, and you won't either, so chill, take your time and soon you'll see your game improving naturally.

If you have ambitions to become a Grandmaster that is all very good but it's not easy and involves a lot of extremely hard work to achieve! Best to stick to improving your game as much as possible, but even this takes a lot of motivation and hard work on your part.

Everyone has the ability to improve, ensure you study tactics and practice as much as possible and you'll soon see your game improving. The history of the game is packed with famous players and great games so study some of these and try to replicate them during your practice.

There's plenty of information online with instructions and guidance, even online clubs where you can play with partners from all over the world and forums dedicated entirely to the game. Check out the Staunton chess set for a suitable starter set.

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