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By: Jason Persico

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing requires a specialized rod, line, and lightweight bait specifically tailored to fly fishing. Unlike other methods of fishing that concentrate on casting the bait to the specified target, fly fishing focuses on the line. Fly line is much heavier than other typical fishing lines, and therefore casting requires a certain finesse. Fly bait is often very lightweight, for which the fly line is made to compensate. Therefore, fly fisherman must cast using the weight of the line to lead the bait. This effective method of fishing has been used for centuries, and is most renowned when catching salmon and trout. However, fly fishing has expanded to include almost anything from pike to striped bass to even sharks.

Why is Fly Fishing so Popular?

Fly fishing's popularity stems from many aspects of the sport. First and foremost, proficient anglers enjoy the challenge of fly fishing because it requires more than casting and reeling. The angler must move his hand and flick his wrist using very specific motions while taking into account the tightness of his grip, the length of the cast, the wind, the fly, his stance, etc. An imperfect cast will land in front of the fisherman in a tangled lump. However, a great cast at the right moment can actually motivate a fish to leap from the water in an attempt to catch the bait. This is the most rewarding moment in fly fishing; in the moment an angler experiences this rush, he becomes an enthusiast.

As the most popular form of fishing, fly fishing also appeals to social people, travelers, and nature lovers. Fly fishing can be enjoyed just about anywhere, and for many people, roughing it in the middle of nowhere with a group of fly fishers is a rite of passage. In addition, there are numerous travel excursions to exotic locations with superior fly fishing. If the entire family enjoys fishing, it would be a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone to sail around Seychelles in a catamaran fishing from sunup to sundown. Experiencing the rush of fly fishing with others creates bonds and produces lifelong memories while connecting the fishers to nature and the world. It is a true escape.

What do I need if I want to try Fly Fishing?

It can be expensive to purchase a new set of fishing materials, so this can be done slowly during the learning process. You can attempt the practice with your regular fishing rod if you buy some heavy fly line. Try this to get a feel for the methods. Once you feel comfortable fly casting, it is a good idea to invest in a fly rod and fly fishing tackle. Whether you choose live, dried, or artificial bait, the point of a fly cast is to simulate the appearance of an insect or small animal lightly landing on the surface of the water. Most fly fishermen use artificial tackle, but some prefer the dried variety. Test out both varieties to find the one that works best for you.

Fly fishing is a wonderful sport that requires careful attention to detail and years of practice. The method has been around since the 2nd century and increases in popularity every year. It creates bonds and memories between friends and family and provides an excellent excuse to travel to exotic locations. Elevate the level of your fishing experience by experimenting with this exciting technique, and before you know it you will experience the rush of watching a fish leap from the water and onto your line.

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Jason Persico has been a fly fisherman since 1986. He is always looking out for improved fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing tackle.

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