Fluorochemicals, Waxes and Inert Lubricants

By: Jordan Travis

The inert waxes that are used across the world all contain fluorochemicals in them. The reason they contain these types of chemicals is because fluorochemicals have an amazing element in them called Fluorine. Fluorine, number nine on the Periodic Table, is univalent, which means it can bond with any element. Fluorine is the most chemically reactive and electronegative of all the elements on the Periodic Table.

Inert waxes are used as protective coatings on many products, but are also used to reduce the friction in some situations where it is needed. One area that inert waxes are used to reduce friction is in the skiing industry, where the inert wax is used to reduce friction between the snow and the skis, to increase the overall speed of the skier.

Sometimes inert waxes with fluorochemicals in them will be used to protect a material from the oxidative chemicals, including chlorine, oxygen and fluorine gas. Inert waxes are also used in the industry to form a protective coating on finished products.

The great thing about inert lubricants with fluorochemicals in them is that they are very inactive. Inert lubricants can help make industrial processes safer for the people who take part in them because they are inert. They are safer and allow technology to advance without being held back because of something as small as the lack of the right kind of inert oil. Fluorochemicals have essentially changed the world and companies like Halocarbon are leading the charge to creating new types of inert lubricants that can be used in everything from automotives and airplanes to oxygen tanks and skis.

Inert lubricants, including those made by Halocarbon, are used in the paper industry to bleach wood pulp, and are also used in treating water with chlorine to improve the overall purity of the water, while fluoride is used to make a personís teeth stronger and less prone to decaying.

Without fluorochemicals and its base chemical of fluorine, the world would be a very different place. Inert waxes, oils and greases would not be as popular and the cars we own may run differently, and maybe more poorly. While at the same time people with oxygen tanks would be prone to faulty sealants, and teeth would not get the fluorine they need in the water supply to stay cleaner and healthier.

Inert waxes and inert lubricants made by Halocarbon are seen in nearly every aspect of our lives, and Halocarbon is working on more ways the amazing properties of fluorochemicals can benefit humanity in the future.

Sebastian Schneider is a freelance writer who writes about issues and topics pertaining to the use of Fluorochemicals.

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Fluorochemicals, Waxes and Inert Lubricants

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