Five kinds of food - the more you have the fatter you are

By: Hayden

For women who love the beauty, obesity is the most horrible term, then in the daily life, you know what foods more you eat will be more fat? We hurry to learn the following.
The first original sore: chocolate cookies
Eat six piece every day, 302cal of heat, heavier 14kg a year
Chocolate cookies contain a lot of sugar and a lot of fat. If you use chocolate biscuits to satisfy the greedy desire every afternoon, just six months time, it will get fat 7kg, behind tasty is high-calorie traps waiting for you, but high oil and high- sugar foods also lead people to fast aging.
Recommendation: want antioxidant effects, get polyphenols from green tea rather than chocolate.
The second original sore: chocolate bars
Eat one every day, heat is about 280cal, get fat 13kg a year. A chocolate bar calories are equivalent to half the calories of a meal. In addition, chocolate bars contained high sugar, which causes oxidation. Also lets you accelerate aging.
Recommendation: If you are addictive to eat a chocolate bar, it is best to find time to jog for half an hour every day, in order to balance out a small piece of chocolate bar calories.
The third original sore: Canned juices
Drank a can of 500ml, heat 255cal, get fat 12kg a year. Carefully read the label on canned fruit juice, you can find most of the juice are concentrated reduction, but also added a lot of sugar.
Recommendation: To build, but also for the sake of health, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables are definitely the first principle of maintaining a slim figure.
The fourth original sore: regular cola
Drank a can of 375ml, heat 168cal, fatter 8kg a year than before. Drink Coke not only will not let you have a sense of satiety. Cola flavors will allow you to eat more food. Not just cola, other soft drinks, root beer etc. should drink less
Recommendation: If you really cannot give up cola, the best choice is to use low-calorie sugar instead of Cola. If you don't have coke a day without coke, it is best to do a bit more exercise to consume excess calories.
The fifth original sore: Beer
Drank a can of 375ml, heat 147cal, fatter 7kg a year than before. Beer, in addition to the heat, almost doesn't have any nutrients, so in addition to allow you to gain weight, without any help for your health.
Recommendation: Use the beer into the dish. After heated beer, alcohol is evaporated most complete, cannot only add flavor dishes, also avoid alcohol bringing high-calorie burden.

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