Five important factors to consider with water coolers

By: Esteb Rueda

Water coolers are a necessity of office life. Thirsty employees are not likely to be as productive as normal, and therefore seeing to it they have plenty of good drinking water is vitally important. Water coolers are more than just very large jars, however. They serve as communal watering holes for the corporate work horses and are social gathering places as well. Any office manager looking to buy one has to consider a few things about water coolers as he or she goes into the buying process.

. Paper cup dispensers. It sounds frightfully odd, but some water coolers do not have the capacity for paper cups. Be sure that one is part of the package before the deal is struck;
. Water. Well, Duhhh! Seriously, a good supply of that liquid refreshment has to be there. A buyer can opt for main fed water coolers that are hooked up to the primary water supply of the office, or use the standard water bottle. Be certain with the latter choice that the supplier has a track record of reliability. Just in time delivery is fine, but ten minutes later is not.
. Accessories. That is up to the imagination of the buyer and the options offered from the supplier. Notice boards or pretty ornaments to sparkle up the space are very nice and are appreciated by the employees.
. Tidiness Factor. Dirty water coolers are not just eyesores; they are serious health hazards for the people working at the company. Granted, the chance of a cholera epidemic racing through the office cubicles isn't very likely, but a good strong dose of intestinal problems can arise. Ask the supplier about a maintenance contract for sanitation. If that isn't possible, have the caretaker staff schedule a routine of cleaning/sanitizing the water coolers. It can reduce the risk of absenteeism resulting from water contaminated with algae.

Once purchased, the office management department has a very crucial decision to make about this mainstay of corporate office life

. Location, location, location. The importance of where these necessities of office space are located is brought home when anyone has a serious case of dry mouth. The water coolers need to be where they can be easily accessed from the work area. Right by the restrooms seems to be the locale of choice for most companies.

Do you think the water coolers are unnecessary? Anyone who truly believes that should try to work in office on a hot summer day when the air conditioning is on the blink and the sun is coming through the windows like red hot laser beams. He or she will learn quickly enough how important it is not to go thirsty on the job and how important these work place fixtures truly are. These provide needed refreshment for the working crowd during the day and also are focal points of office communication. Strategically placed, they can be routing points for the daily traffic. Whatever and how many benefits result, having them in the office space is a major plus for all the employees working there.

If you take these considerations into account, you will surely see that installing water coolers into your office is a very logical decision to make.

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If your firm is considering ways to keep the work force hydrated, then a good source of water is vital. This article describes five important factors to consider when considering bringing in water coolers to the office.

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