Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Hot Tub

By: Wade Knoxville

If you have recently purchased a Hot Tub, or are considering one, you may be wonder how to make the most out of your new investment. The truth is, hot-tubs offer more than a relaxing way to kill time, they are actually quite beneficial to your health. Here are five ways to use your tub to your greatest advantage.

1. Right Before Sleep

If you have trouble relaxing your mind before you settle down for bed at night, a hot tub may be just what the doctor ordered. Good long soaks in hot water and pulsating jets combine to trigger the release of natural, sleep inducing endorphins in your brain. When you stroll back into your room after your relaxing tub-session, you will find it noticeably easier to fall asleep.

2. When You Have Sore Muscles

Do you frequently suffer from sore muscles? Maybe you work in a physically demanding environment and come home every day with a new sore area on your body. Your salvation comes in hot water! The hot water increases your blood circulation, which in turn relaxes your muscles and a helps break up calcium deposits that stiffen them. You may just be the best feeling person in the mailroom the next day!

3. When You Have a Headache

Whether you suffer from chronic headaches or just happen to get one every now and again, your new hot tub holds your cure. The two major causes of headaches are stress and constricted blood vessels in the head. Hot tubs are known to cause the release and production of stress relieving hormones, which help reduce and eliminate stress related headaches. As mentioned before, hot tubs relax blood vessels and increase circulation. This will alleviate the headaches caused by those factors.

4. Blood Pressure Treatment

The jets are as much your health as they are your pleasure! A hot tubís jets soothes and relaxes muscles, which in turn help to lower blood pressure and drastically reduce your risk of heart disease and other risks of high blood pressure.

5. For Diabetes

In a Colorado study of people with diabetes, those who soaked in a hot tub for thirty minutes a day, six days a week realized a 13% drop in blood sugar! This study concludes that hot tubs lower blood sugar and can prove beneficial to those with diabetes.

These are just some of the many health benefits of hot tub ownership. They have also been known to help tans set better, lower the affects of asthma, and much more. A hot tub is a sound investment in your personal health.

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