Five Tips For Self Defense With A Stun Gun

By: Chris Gill

If you were to believe the movies a stun gun is a magic wand that instantly drops someone with a light touch. The truth is that a stun gun can be a valuable self defense product, but it requires effort to use and wonít instantly win a fight. Stun guns do not always incapacitate attackers and are no substitute for alertness, intelligence and the will to protect yourself. Still, they can be incredibly decisive in a dangerous situation. As a self defense products supplier, Self Defense ATL not only sells stun guns, but shares straight talk about what it takes to use one properly at gun shows and other self-defense focused events. Here are five tips the company shares with people who want to buy stun guns.

Keep Your Stun Gun Charged and Close at Hand

Keeping a stun gun at the bottom of your bag isnít likely to do you any good in case of a sudden assault. Keep your stun gun charged and close at hand, so that you can take it out in one or two quick motions. Your choice of stun gun should take this into account. Unless youíre a security professional carrying one at all times or on an obvious belt probably isnít practical, but you can choose from a wide variety of carrying cases, and there are even models small enough to fit on a keychain. One popular model at Self Defense ATL is a cell phone stun gun, which has the exterior appearance of a mobile phone.

Push Hard

To function properly, a stun gun needs to conduct electricity across its prongs and through the target. Lightly touching the attacker can have little to no effect. Push hard instead, particularly if you have to penetrate clothing. The stun gun should be an extension of your arm, and you should be ready to push as if you were shoving a heavy door open with your closed fist (though with the stun gunís prongs pointed forward).

Work Toward the Core

Using your stun gun on an arm is a good technique to help get out of a grip, but itís unlikely to put down a determined attacker. They have their greatest effect when you hit the torso. Move the stun gun toward the center of the opponentís body until you have a chance to escape.

Use Several Shocks

As stated earlier, a stun gun isnít a magic wand. People have different reactions to the weapon and you should use it as much as you need to until you can get away safely. Police have a different set of guidelines for Tasers, but thatís because they have specific training, gear and professional requirements. A police officer may have safety guidelines that restrict use, but he also has a gun, baton, handcuffs and a duty to arrest. As a private citizen your responsibility is to escape assault, with the specific guidelines varying from one jurisdiction to the next.

Donít Just Use the Stun Gun

A stun gun isnít a replacement for pushing, punching, kicking, elbowing or doing anything else you need to do to survive. Remember that since you need to push with the stun gun you need a wide, stable body posture, just like a boxer or wrestler. Theyíre called ďstun gunsĒ but (except for Tasers) theyíre really hand weapons like a club that require close proximity. They should be part of a strategy that uses your entire body.

Get Away!

Once youíve released yourself from the attackerís grip and can get a few steps away, run unless you have family to protect. A stun gun is a serious self-defense tool. It doesnít exist to help with macho posturing Ė just survival. Get away and be safe.

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Self Defense ATL is the Atlanta regionís provider of self defense products for the average person. Visitors can buy pepper spray, buy stun guns and buy Taser guns online or through a print catalog.

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