Five Things You Absolutely Must Have in Your Sea Fishing Tackle Box

By: DanPartridge

Your sea fishing tackle box is not just a box that holds your hooks, baits and lures. There are other important items that your tackle box should hold.

An essential piece of equipment that you must always have with you whenever you go out to the sea and fish is your sea fishing tackle box. Your sea fishing tackle box is the container in which you should store your fishing hooks, your baits and lures, and all the other small items that form part of your fishing gear.

Why is your sea fishing tackle box so important for your fishing trips? For one, it keeps all your equipment in one place, making it easier for you to find things whenever you need them. For another, a good tackle box will help protect your gear. Also, keeping all your gear in your tackle box will help prevent accidents stemming from misplaced gear.

But it is not just hooks, baits and lures that your sea fishing tackle box should contain. It should also contain tools that will help you maintain your gear, as well as other things that may be handy in case of emergencies. Perhaps the five most important things that your sea fishing tackle box should have are the following:

1. A utility knife. There are so many uses for a utility knife in any fishing trip. They can be used to cut lines, to clean out your catch, slice up bait or even open food cans. For your fishing trips, you can get a stainless steel knife that is sharp and rust-proof. You can also bring a Swiss Army knife, like the ones made famous by MacGyver.

2. A small file. A good file is handy for keeping your knife sharp, and you would always want to work with a sharp knife. You would also need to work with sharp fishing hooks, so you can use your file on them. As an alternative to a file, you can get yourself a Swiss Army knife that has a built-in file, a whetstone, or even a fingernail cutter that has a file.

3. Thin-nosed pliers. Thin-nosed pliers are also called needlenoses. A pair of pliers is a versatile and handy tool to have on a fishing trip. It can cut wires and pry hooks out of the fish’s mouth. You can even use it as a makeshift hammer.

4. Sunscreen. This is an absolute must when you go on a fishing trip. When you are fishing out there at sea, it is highly likely that you would be out in the sun for most of the day. You would need to protect your skin from UV exposure, and for that, you would need sunscreen.

5. A small first aid bag. If you do not have a separate first aid kit all ready, you should have a small pouch in your sea fishing tackle box. It should contain some aspirin, antacids, loperamides, rubbing alcohol or antiseptic, cotton balls and bandage.

Your sea fishing tackle box is more than just a compartmented box for storing your hooks, baits and lures. All the small equipment that you would need to add more convenience to your fishing trip should be in your sea fishing tackle box.

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