Five Remedies for Treating Fainting

By: Joette Calabrese

Fainting is a unique way for the body to display stress. Frightening experiences, as well as other emotional times in ones life, are nearly always met with a physical component. And fainting is no exception. It occurs when the heart suddenly fails in its normal action. It most often afflicts women and the “faint hearted” and the causes for fainting spells are often varied.

Certainly, it makes sense when loss of consciousness arises after a hemorrhage such as after surgery, or from hearing bad news . This happened after 911. But, even good news can cause a fainting spell as when a lost loved one returns from the rubble alive. Fainting can occur from hunger, ill ventilated crowded rooms or from the sight of blood. Tight clothing may be a contributing factor, so it is best to gently lay the person flat, keeping the head low, loosening tight collars and waist bands and asking others to step aside so that as much fresh as possible is allowed to circulate. These simple rules can avert most cases of fainting, but if the episodes are repeated or elongated, it is wise to treat with homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a two hundred year old medical method that is used throughout the world by homeopathic doctors and hospitals. In the US, it was considered a mainstay of 40% of the doctors until the 1940’s. Its demise came as a result of political in-fighting between medical factions, but today it is making a comeback in the US, while it continues to thrive in Europe and India. It has the reputation for dealing with the most ardent illnesses and can aptly eliminate fainting spells in short order. In using this method, the choice of remedy is closely linked to the cause of the spells.

Sudden fear associated with restlessness and a feeling of impending doom is quickly put to rest with a dose or two of Aconitum 30. Fainting from sudden joy is relieved with Coffea 30 while fainting from grief or sudden bad news is best met with Ignatia. Occasionally, fainting can come in the form of twitching of limbs and hysterical fits. This can be brought on by terror and nervousness and may also present with the kind of fear and apprehensiveness experienced by soldiers before battle that causes diarrhea. This is a call for Gelsemium. In all of the above situations, a dose of the appropriate remedy administered every 5-10 minutes while the person is still unconscious, then every 15 minutes until normalcy is established, is the most expedient way to recovery. Since homeopathic remedies dissolve quickly in the mouth, they can be placed between the gums and lips and will be accepted readily via the mucosa. They needn’t be digested in the stomach.

Frightening experiences, diarrhea, trembling, fainting… Homeopathy is a soothing solution to life’s mishaps. It’s gentle, polite method gently removes the illness at hand and restores the person to full use and vigor. What other method of medicine do you know that revives fainting as well as addressing the exciting cause? It removes the fear so thoroughly that it reaches back into the past and sets a sufferer in order physically and mentally. Homeopathy is the medicine of millions. Make it yours for the next time life is unyielding.

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