Five Helpful Tips to Aviod Acai Berry Juice Scams

By: Gen Wright

Acai berries, a long kept secret of the South Americans, are becoming famous day by day and there is a remarkable increase in the number of people who want to use the berries in any form. But there is a negative side to everything. The negative in this case is that there are a number of companies who have always wanted to make huge profits and these end up cheating their customers.

1. First of all if you are buying a product through the internet and the website reports a free trial with just shipping charges, it is most likely to be a scam. The main reason being these will automatically sign up you for their add -ons and others which can swipe about $100 every month from your credit card. They will also make it impossible to cancel your orders. For this know exactly what you are signing up for. Then try to contact the officials through the contact numbers given to you. See if there is a quick and proper response to your queries.

2. The internet is always useful in showing us a lot of information about the things we need to know. In the same way, search engines can provide you with lot of information about acai berries, the people who have used them so far, their personal experiences and the companies which market these products.

3. Also some websites claim that their acai berry products will create miracles that clearly appear to be hype. For example, there are sites which say that you can clearly lose about thirty pounds overnight. These would never be possible at any time. Acai berries do bring quite fast results but not this fast.

4. Always remember that honest companies do not advertise their products too much or exaggerate its benefits. Never forget to read about the nutritional facts provided by the product you buy. Some companies do not do things in an organic way and add all kinds of synthetic materials that can even cause cancer. So do not believe them easily. See to that no additives used in your product. This will bring down the nutritional value of acai berries. Besides read everything that is printed in your product cover. The fine prints here can contain things that you may not be comfortable with.

5. The most common reason for falling into traps is that these people do not read the terms and conditions properly. Some do not even give it a glance. All the procedures will be laid down in this page and there will be no chance where you can move to a court or take any other legal action even if you get cheated poorly. If you are dealing with an honest company then your bottle of acai berry supplements or products or whatever it is should not cost more than forty five dollars. But if it is going to be a scam it can even cost you up to three hundred and twenty dollars.

So, scams are always going to be present in our world. It is always our discretion and caution that is going to take us to a place extremely safe. So it is always advisable to check and re-check before going to buy any kinds of acai berry supplements from the internet or any other source.

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