Five Hallmarks Of Good Web Hosting

By: lobardgreg

Those who are a little less technologically inclined might be worried that they don’t really know what they’re looking for in a website hosting site, service or package. Thankfully, it’s actually pretty simple – particularly if you look out for these five important hallmarks of a good website host.
1. A Good Web Host Will Offer Flexible Packages
Every business, venture, charity and indeed website will need something different, and your needs won't be the same as those of everyone who signs up to a particular domain host. For this reason, the best of them offer multiple packages – with different rules about how much space you can have, how long the domain name is yours for, how many email addresses you can use and whether or not you can take your URL with you if you decide to leave. It's important to choose your package wisely, and to make sure that it meets your needs.
2. A Good Web Host Comes With Good Customer Service
Problems sometimes arise with nearly everything, and website owners sometimes find that they're the subject of spam floods or DNS attacks – or simply of server downtime. If these things do come up, you need to know that your web hosting company will be there to advise you on how best to deal with them. As such, it's important to pick one whose customer service is decent.
3. A Good Web Host Lets You Keep Your URL When You Move On
Not every host is right for every person, and URL ownership is a tricky piece of law. It's a good idea to make sure if possible that you're buying your URL for yourself and not for your hosts, and that you'll be able to register it with a different host at the end of your contract if you wish to.
4. A Good Web Host Is Neither Top Nor Bottom Of The Pricing Range
The most expensive web hosting is generally either more than most people need or kind of a rip-off, and the cheapest is usually some kind of scam or someone whose service will be unreliable and bad. Don't go for either – stick to the middle of the road in terms of web hosting costs if you want to be safe and ensure you're getting what you pay for.
5. A Good Web Host Provides Plenty Of Hints And Tips For Launching Your Site
Many web hosts will offer help and advice for someone who has just bought their first domain, and it's often a good idea to try and follow as much of that advice as you can. This is another time when customer service is key – you'll want to know that you can ask the questions you have and get decent answers to them. It's not their job to help you build a site, of course, but that doesn't mean that they aren't often very well-placed to help you figure out whose job that actually is!

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It's not their job to help you Web Hosting Providers build a site, of course, but that doesn't mean that they aren't often very well-placed to help you figure out whose job that actually is!

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