Fitness tips for countering an unhealthy state of mind

By: Marcus Martinez

Whether you're an average Jill or Joe trying to lose weight or an experienced trainee trying to get ripped, there is way of thinking about food that is more dangerous to your diet and fitness goals than anything else. It's the I HAVE TO HAVE THIS mentality. We've all been in the situation where you have an option for a side of fries or a side salad, but you've already decided well before you got there that you had to have the fries.
This kind of thinking completely sabotages yourself from losing weight and getting the body that you ultimately want. It also shows that the instant gratification of the taste of the fries is more important than the long-term gratification of a healthy, strong body.
Eating unhealthy food is all in your mind. Everyone knows that eating bad food will harm your body, but it's hard to stop. Your overall view of food is what needs to change.
People see unhealthy food as a way to make themselves happy, so much so that they are able to ignore the harmful effects that food will cause later. Don't do that! While being fit and healthy may be a delayed benefit (more so than a tasty burger right now), those benefits will be much more precious and rewarding. It's true that nothing tastes as good as thin feels.
The first thing you could do to change your view of food is to never allow yourself to get too hungry. Being too hungry switches your body to survival mode, meaning that you will do anything to eat. In this mode, the last thing you will worry about is whether or not the food is healthy. You need to plan out all your meals for the day to avoid this situation.
The next thing that really helps is to ask yourself questions. This is one of the most powerful things you can do because it makes you aware of the food you're about to eat. When you go out to eat and you feel yourself saying, I HAVE TO HAVE THIS, ask yourself a couple of questions.
1. Do I care more about this burger and fries than my health and life?
2. Will this ruin the carefully planned diet I've been trying to follow?
3. What effects will this bad food have on me after I eat it?
The answers to these questions should help you avoid bad food. If you find yourself headed towards eating something unhealthy, ask yourself at least five questions that can help you stay on a healthy course. Try this next time you're about to choose an unhealthy meal.
Having your favorite unhealthy foods every once in a while will not ruin your body. All you need to do is keep track of when you have them and treat them more as a reward for doing a good job with your diet. However, if you choose to have them whenever you want and completely ignore the present and future of effects of eating poorly, it won't matter if you run everyday, you will never reach your fitness objectives.

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