Fitness and Cross Training

By: Sarah Carlye

No matter what you do for fitness, cross training will be beneficial. Cross training is simply participating in another fitness activity other than your primary fitness activity. For many sports enthusiasts, training and competition take up most of their energy. Participate in sports casually or just for fun, will benefit from cross training. Introducing walking, as a part of the fitness and workout routine, will give the body a little break. It is an easy and fuss free way to reduce weight and maintain fitness.

Walking in a fitness shoe, like the Stepgym shoe, will encourage the body to work harder. This will allow different muscles to be utilized. Changing from traditional walking shoes to a fitness walking shoe will workout different muscles.

Advantages of cross training including the following:

• Works out different muscles groups
• Discover new interests in another exercise
• Reduces boredom with walking or other exercise
• Less risk of injury from overuse of a muscle group
• Increases success of fitness routine

If you are training for an event and have a limited amount of time, you might need to reconsider cross training because one less day training may reduce the efficiency of training to place well at an event. On the other hand, you may be less likely to skip a day of training for the event and do nothing if you plan in some cross training so you don’t get burned out on your training routine.

For runners, bicyclists, swimmers, skiers, football players, and other athletes, cross training with walking can be a good cross training choice. It can let you include friends and family who don’t participate in your fitness activity of choice, in your fitness routine. It gives muscles time to recover from a heavy workout in other activities. Walking can contribute to feeling peaceful and relaxed. This can be very helpful when heavily training for an event.

If walking is your main fitness activity or you use walking for cross training, you will get the maximum muscle use with fitness tone shoes like Stepgym. To learn more and order a pair today, go to

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