Fitness Equipment For Full-body Workouts

By: Israel Estes

Exercise equipment is necessary when workouts with no equipment are not enough to build strength and tone muscles. Commercial gyms have a range of them but homeowners can also find reasonably priced products. Here's a look at what a home gym needs in terms of workout machines.

Elliptical trainer

An elliptical trainer stimulates stair climbing which makes it useful for people who frequently use elevators, have a single storey house or don't do much walking. It's designed to have a low impact on the joints and the lower back despite featuring controls that can be set to higher resistance. People with injuries who can't perform medium to high impact workouts are regular users.

How to pick one: Choose a trainer with footpads that are closer to each other. Footpads that are far apart will strain the ankles, knees and hips over time and cause pain. Variable stride trainers are new models that allow users to shorten or lengthen strides.


A treadmill is perfect for low to high impact workouts so whether you want to walk, jog or run, the controls can be set to different speeds. Like elliptical trainers, resistance can be increased or decreased.

The size of a treadmill varies depending on whether it's a residential or commercial model. The first is designed simpler and typically smaller but is as effective as larger models.

How to pick one: Look for a treadmill with an incline for those days when you need a strenuous workout. If the machine is shared, it should have variable speed and resistance settings. Users 6 feet or more in height should opt for one with a longer deck.


A rower or ergometer is modeled to mimic the act of rowing a boat. Since only a few have the time or the resources to buy a boat, it substitutes nicely and delivers the same amount of exercise. The foot stretcher and the handle can be designed to move closer or farther apart from each other to increase resistance.

How to pick one: Indoor rowers are usually selected based on what provides the resistance. Machines with magnetic resistance are much quieter than others while air resistance provides the best rowing simulation. Those with water resistance echo the sound of water similar to what you would experience when actually rowing a boat. The last is resistance provided by hydraulics which allows machines to be compact enough to fit inside even small rooms.

Power tower

A power tower helps build upper body muscles and the core. Several exercises can be performed like pull-ups, chin-ups and deep pushups. This versatility makes it one of the more commonly used equipments and an important addition to any home gym.

How to pick one: Check the grip and stability of the equipment. Can it handle different workouts without shaking or moving excessively? Mid-range prices are the best choice if you're unsure which to choose.

Exercise bike

An exercise bike or a stationary bicycle is a must-have home gym equipment. Requiring only a small area of space to set up, it's great for people with lower back problems. Despite being able to achieve high intensity levels, it doesn't strain the lower back.

How to pick one: Choose between an upright and recumbent (reclining position) bike. Height should be adjustable and the pedals smooth. Movable parts shouldn't be exposed as it's easy to get injured.

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