Fishing for Crappie Secrets?

By: Gary DeWitt

Are you fishing for some crappie secrets? Then you are in luck because below you will find a few of the best.

Crappie are a schooling species of fish. They like to stay together in a group. You must know how to fish for schooling fish.

It is best to start as far to the outside of the school where you are still catching a few. Fish it for a little while. Slowly move your casts towards what seems to be the center of the crappie school. That way you will not spook the entire school at once with your crappie fishing efforts.

Know your bait. The perfect crappie bait will usually depend on the time of year you are fishing for them. In the colder months, the crappie go deeper underwater and they tend to be slower and more sluggish. Slower bait will work best. In the spring and summer months, the crappie will be more active and you will need faster, more vibrant baits to capture their attention.

Your bait also depends on the water. Clear water requires different colors than cloudy or murky water. It also depends on the sky. A clear sky with bright sun requires a different color or shade of jig than a cloudy day.

Unlike many species of fish, the daytime is a great time to seek out the crappies because they're not as active during the night. Still, the best time is just after the sun rises and just before it sets in the evening.

These are just some of the crappie secrets there are. You have just started to discover how many more crappie fishing secrets exist.

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