Fishing Techniques in Finland

By: Perhot iFly

Fishing is an act of catching fishes. There are many methods/techinques used by fishsers throughout the world. Every country may have their own methods/techniques. Some of them including hand gathering,netting,angling,trapping. However, in finnish waters techniques/methods like Spinning,Trolling,Fly-fishing,Angling,Jigging are most used.
1.Trolling-In trolling technique more than one fishing lines, baited with lures are pulled via water. There are 2 types of trolling one is Precision trolling and Trolling with sideliners.
Precision Trolling:-Precision trolling is majorly active way of trolling. It happens in the locality of the shore and small islands, and utilizes precision trolling rods. The species targeted are perch and perch with precision trolling.
Trolling with Sideliners:- In this type of trolling sideliner boards are used. The sideliners generally are capable for the simultaneous use of approximately 10-12 rods. The fish are looked for from a broader region, also in many disticntive layers of water. Here the species targeted are perch,zander and pike.
2.Jigging:- Jigging is one of the fishing techniques which has developed into monolithically popular. It is a great option and gives brilliant oppurtunity to catch fish. In this technique basically light-weight instrumentations and slender lines are used. One can opt to fish by casting their jig it can be done by erect jigging. Here as well the species targeted are zander,perch and pike.
3.Angling- The most popular way of fishing in Finland is by angling with a hook and line. This is simple way to fish and fishing grounds are everywhere. People usually go angling besides their nearby waters, frequently near to their home shores. The targeted species here are bream, bleak,roach, perch.

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