Fishing Rig: Check Out These Gret Tips On How To Make Catfish Rigs!

By: mark fleagle

Selecting the right fishing rig when you go fishing for catfish is very important. The type of bait you choose to fish for catfish with will help you with your decision on what type of !strong>fishing rig to use. If you make the decision you will be using cutbait to target channel catfish or blue catfish a good choice for fishing rig would be what is called a fixed sinker rig.
Fixed sinker rigs are easy to make and use. First you will need to choose a sinker type for your fixed sinker rig. A good multipurpose sinker would be a large bass or bell sinker. The first thing you will want to do is slide a number 1 all the way up to a 6/0 hook onto your line about 12 to 18 inches from the end of the line. The size of hook depends on how big of catfish you are targeting. Next tie The the hook in place. Next tie a good snap swivel to the end of your line so you can quickly change weight sizes if need be. Then last clip your sinker in place. The last thing to do is bait your hook then your fixed sinker fishing rig will be complete.
If you plan on fishing for catifsh with live bait a good choice for your fishing rig would be a slip sinker rig. To make a slip sinker is easy. First you need to select the type of sinker you are going to use. for example if you are fishing a muddy or sandy mud bottom select an egg sinker. Your first step would be to slide your egg sinker up the line. Next tie a barrel swivel to the line. The barrel swivel serves as sinker stop. Next tie the end of your leader to the open eye on the barrel swivel. Make sure your leader has a number 1 to a 6/0 hook tied on the size depends on how large the catfish you are targeting and what type of live bait you are using. For example if I were using live bluegills for bait i would select a 5/0 hook. Last hook you bait to the hook and your slip sinker fishing rig is complete!
Well folks that concludes our article about a catfish fishing rig We sincerely hope you use our fishing information on your next fishing trip Good Luck!

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