Fishing Gear: Choosing the Right Equipment

By: Ben Anton

What Makes a Good Fishing Trip?
Ask most avid fishermen what makes a good fishing trip and you will probably get a variety of answers. While most consider the number of fish caught to be of the most importance, it is not the only consideration. A successful fishing trip should be relaxing, enjoyable and productive. To ensure the best of all three, it makes sense to be prepared.

In addition to the requisite reel, line and bait, there are a few additions that will add to your enjoyment. Fishing often times involves camping, and you cannot go camping without a flashlight or two. In addition illuminating a campsite and helping light the pathway between camp and the river, a quality LED flashlight is a major benefit while fishing by the waterside. If fishing at dawn or dusk, a flashlight will help you better prepare your fishing pole and bait for use.

The right knife is an important part of a good tackle box as well. Nothing can make fishing seem like an unpleasant chore than attempting to clean your day's catch with the wrong sort of knife. A fillet knife with a sharp blade makes quick work of your cleaning chores. Choose one with a fixed or locking blade but it still flexible to cut through the delicate skin of your fish.

Fishing pliers are also a very important asset. Fishing pliers run the gamut from a simple set of pliers used to cut wire and attach weights to more elaborate fishing multi-tools that contain scissors, multiple sizes of pliers, wire cutters and more. Pliers can make difficult fishing tasks much simpler and do not cost a lot of money.

Choosing the Right Equipment
There are a variety of considerations that you must use when determining the right equipment for you. The length of time you are typically on a fishing trip, the type of facilities that you stay in and the type of fish that you catch.

The longer you are gone and the more primitive the conditions, the more important it is to have multiple fishing lights. LED flashlights and headlamps are excellent choices when you need auxiliary lighting. The LED bulb is long lasting and provides a clear and bright light.

The weight and size of your fillet knife and fishing pliers should be determined by the types of fish you catch. Of course the fisherman that fishes in the open ocean will need much more heavy duty equipment than the fisherman interested in teaching their young son or daughter the basics in a pond.

Regardless of what your intentions, fishing is much more enjoyable if you invest in the proper equipment and take proper care of it. Proper care ensures that your fishing equipment will last as long as possible. Some items such as an LED flashlight, may last decades. A fillet knife, properly cared for and regularly sharpened may last just as long. The best way to extend the life of fishing pliers is to purchase a pair that is made to do the job. Attempting to cut wire or remove hooks with a pair of pliers made for a smaller job is the quickest way to break the pliers and possible injure yourself in the process.

Fishing is a relaxing and fun way to enjoy the outdoors if you are properly prepared with the right equipment.

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Ben Anton lives in the Northwest.
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