Fishing Ė Make The Most Out Of Your Bait

By: Nicky Bullimore

Depending on which fish you would be looking to catch should determine the kind of bait you are going to use to increase your chances of catching your selected breed.
Some fish will go for live bait and others like the artificial lures. Other fish such as the catfish will eat almost anything that is offered to them.

The time of year also makes a difference when deciding which bait to use. The fall is considered one of the most difficult times to fish, you could end up going fishing on a day where the fish are just not interested regardless of what you throw at them, on other occasions they will eat anything you throw at them.

However, a tip during this season is to cast out crankbaits and spinnerbaits. If this doesnít help, you can always try the alternative and go for artificial baits. It is whatever looks interesting at the time, but crankbaits and spinnerbaits seem to be the popular option during the fall season.

Fish scent is also becoming a popular way to attract fish into biting artificial baits. For some fish, such as a freshwater black bass, they will release a bait within 2 or 3 seconds if they donít get the taste they either like or was expecting, however, if they do like the taste, they can hold onto it for as long as half a minute before the decide to spit it out.

Some people may try to tell you that the colours you use with your rod and bait will attract different types of fish, however, the truth is, that when you throw your brightly coloured bait into the water, when it gets to a certain depth, the colour fades and everything looks black and white.

Therefore, colours do not make a difference, so that should save you spending your money on all the different colours of bait and rods when you go out buying any equipment for your fishing basket.

It is also important that you pick out the right rod for the fish you want to catch, consider the weight of the fish that you are wanting and whether or not the rod is strong enough to bring in the bigger fish. There would be nothing worse than getting a bit a catch from a big bass and finding you canít reel it in because the rod and line isnít strong enough.

If you are new to fishing but realise is it a sport or recreation that you enjoy, look around for fishing clubs in your area and become a member. There are many hard core fishermen with a wealth of knowledge in what is the best baits and equipment to use as well as what fish you are likely to catch in the locations you go to.

Not only can you benefit from their experience, but they will also have fishing events that you can join in with to add the sport element to your fishing experience.

If you are thinking of buying books, make sure you do your research on the author to ensure that you are getting the right advice which suits your style of fishing. You can pick up alot of tips from books as long as they are written by those who have been fishing for years and know what they are talking about.

So there you have it, just a few tips on making the most out of your fishing bait to maximise the enjoyment you get out of fishing.

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