First aid tips that everyone should be aware about

By: Vikram Kuamr

Accidents, minor or major can happen at any time and no matter how severe or simple the injury, first aid is a must. Bruises, burns, sprains, dislocations and fractures are the different kinds of injuries that can take place. It must be understood that injuries never make an announcement before they hit us and it is necessary to be well-prepared with first aid tips to deal with the situation effectively. People who have little children in the house, know exactly how important it is to have a basic first-aid kit in the house.

However, just having a well-stocked kit is not sufficient. You have to know what to do in a situation that needs more than just basic medical attention. The minute you feel that an injury is more than just a simple scratch or bruise, it is important to call for professional medical help or take the person to a doctor. There are times when it is not possible to get medical attention immediately. These are the situations in which first aid comes to the rescue. In some cases, it might also be the difference between life and death.

Here are a few first aid tips that might help in an emergency situation. The first priority should always be to save a life, prevent injuries from getting aggravated and to help with recovery. Whenever there is an accident, it is very natural for us to look for injuries. Though it is necessary to do that, the absence of a physical wound is not necessarily an indication that the victim is entirely fine. Any injury to the abdomen or head may not really manifest itself at that point of time. The victim will have to be escorted to a safe spot and asked to stay there till it medical help comes in.

Airways, circulation and breathing are the three areas that must be examined. In case of broken bones never attempt to move the affected limb. This can lead to more damage and will also add to the pain that the victim is already suffering from. Neck and spine injuries can be very serious and you should never try to move the person. The best way is to keep the victim immobilized till medical help arrives. In case of blows or falls, check for any visible injuries and concussions. A head injury can sometimes be fatal and it is critical and identifying the symptoms and detection of damage is important.

In case of wounds that are bleeding, stop the flow of blood with a swab and use a disinfectant on the area. In case you are dealing with burns, the symptoms and detection of damage will not be so difficult. This is because the wound will be very noticeable and the damage clearly visible. Never try to cover a burn. Pour some cold water on it. This will stop it from blistering. If the burn is severe, call for medical help immediately. As a person who is performing first aid on anyone, it is important for you to be able to determine the extent of the damage and act accordingly.

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