First Time Pregnancy - 8 Common Pregnancy Symptoms

By: CC Grey

Since this is your first time pregnancy, you are not confident whether you are really pregnant or not. Some ladies might experience some but others experience all of the symptoms as shown below. If you do not have all of the symptoms yet, you might notice the other symptoms week by week so take it easy and do not be anxious. Unfortunately, some of the symptoms might even be symptoms for other illnesses so you have to be careful. Check to ensure that you have most of the symptoms as listed here before rushing to the doctors clinic for a confirmation test.

1. Irregular Periods.

Skipped period is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. It can also be triggered by other factors such as illness, stress, discontinuing the oral contraceptive pill, extra weight or polycystic ovary syndrome. This is a condition whereby your periods isn't regular and happens once in several months. You need to have supplementary pregnancy symptoms to confirm your first time pregnancy.

2. Feeling Sick in the Morning.

If you are realy fortunate, you won't suffer from this symptom at all. The other ladies who are not so blessed do suffer from it in the first few months of the pregnancy. You might suffer from it in the morning or in the evening but some may experience it all day. Morning sickness can be felt as early as two weeks after conception. It only occurs in the first couple of months so, you don't have to worry too much about it. Try to get enough rest and make sure your are near any wash basin if possible.

3. Feeling Tired All the Time.

You might also be subjected to fatigue or weakness. Since this is a confusing symptom, it could also be an indicator of other sickness as well. You need to be sure of it with your own physician and do some test especially either the urine or blood test for confirmation.

4. You Have Sensitive Breast.

You will also notice the changes to your breast. Your breast will feel larger than normal in order to get ready for breastfeeding. Your breast will feel more sensitive and tender . You might also feel a very sharp, tingling sensation as well.

5. The Area Around Your Nipple Looks A Bit Darker.

Throughout your first time pregnancy, you will notice your areola darkening. This could be seen as one of the signs and symptoms of being pregnant.

6. Backaches & Headaches

In the early semesters of you first time pregnancy, the swift increase of hormones in your body may make you to suffer from migranes. Just lie down for a while whenever you have the headaches. It is something that you have to go through in your pregnancy.

In addtion, you might suffer from pain in the back also in the early stages of pregnancy. Don't be surprised if you have the nasty backache throughout your pregnancy.

7. Your Taste Buds Changes.

You might feel uncomfortable when you eat or smell certain types of food especially oily food, so it is a good idea to abstain from those food. At the same time, you might have unusual likings for other food which you do not normally have. You may find that your liking for sourish food like preserved food increasing. You will have to educate your better half about it so that he will identify with your mood swings and food cravings when you jolt him up in the middle of the night. It would be awesome to get his assistance and if he tries to prepares for you the food that you crave for.

8. Going to the Washroom More Regularly.

You do not know why you need to go to the toilet more times. This nornally happen two weeks after conception. Most women hate this because it is so inconvenient. When the pregnancy hormone progesterone increases, it will stimulate the bladder muscles. This is why you bladder feels full even though you might not need to urinate yet.

Another problem most ladies have problem with is constipation. You need to drink enough water to keep away from having this problem. In addition, try to eat more fruits and vegetables everyday.

If you are aware that you are having some of the symptoms as explained above, you should go to the drug store and buy a home pregnancy test kit. Use the test kit for confirmation of your first time pregnancy. If your test turns out to be positive then congratulations to you. Make an appointment with your family physician as soon as possible to confirm your pregnancy. This will be the starting of your 8 months or less journey of follow-up appointments with your doctor in your first time pregnancy.

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