First Date - Guys What Not to Do on Your First Date

By: Tamra Levi

Carla is a gorgeous, socially well rounded woman. She is 44 years old and has worked hard developing her career. She has an 18 year old son at home and a 24 year old daughter who is finishing university. She is one of our in-house experts at 'dating in your prime dot com'. She has attended various get together's socially to meet other singles in hopes of connecting with that special man. She doesn't rush into meeting she is very careful about taking her time and getting to know the other person before taking the plunge and meeting.
Where is all this leading you may wonder. Well, we at 'dating in your prime dot com' believe in using your comments to give us ideas for articles. It was actually Roxie who was reading e-mails that suggested that we give the guys in our readership some well worded tips on what you shouldn't do on a first date.
Do not talk about your ex-wife and ex-girlfriends. Honestly we know that it take two in a relationship, but if you tell her everything that went wrong with your previous 40 relationships, shes going to look for the common denominator and it is you! Chances are this is the one and only time you will see each other.
LET HER TALKWhy not let her tell you what she is feeling and what her opinions are. We are not living in the 50's anymore and what she thinks and feels are very important to her. You may find some very refreshing conversation sparked by this.
JUST ASK ONCEYou may think that you are being sneaky asking the same question may different ways. But women know when this is happening and will, in fact, become irritated with it. If you ask her something that she doesn't feel comfortable answering, let it go, this is not the time for it to be answered. The fact of the matter is that a woman will answer any question when she feel that the time is right. Besides, why ruin what could be a wonderful time with sending a divider between the two of you.
Remember that you two have just met, she does not yet share the same social circle that you do. Bringing other people into the conversation will only serve to show her that you are more keen on who you know than getting to know her and what she has to offer.
When you first meet, the only money that really matters is the money which you will use to settle the bill for the 'date'. While money is important in life, remember that the Beatles said it best, 'Can't Buy You Love'. No woman like to think that she cannot pull her own so to speak. There are a great many relationships that we know of in which the lady is the bigger bread winner and those relationships are truly very very happy.
Five little things that if you overlook them, can not only have your attempts repelled, but may also make you be overlooked by a special someone. So take these as a reminder, while directed more at guys, ladies you too can learn. Watch our blog for further updates and answers to the emails that we get daily. Good luck, and enjoy your newest dating experience.

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