Firewood That is Perfect for Your Home Heating Needs

By: Nathaniel Hilson

Using firewood is a more efficient and easier way to warm our homes when you think about the costs of fuels and electricity. There are a lot of firewood sale in Victoria, B.C. and suppliers of firewood in Victoria West. The trick is finding good and reliable firewood manufacturers in Victoria, B.C. and conscientious producers and distributors for your wood stove in Victoria, B.C. Also, look for the best supplier of legally obtained manufactured firewood including fireplace cord wood in Victoria, B.C.

Not all firewood is made the same. Firewood types vary in how they burn and the quality of heat they give off. You have to know that some firewood burn hot and long, while some just do not burn good at all. So, knowing the different firewood types and their qualities is important when it comes to using wood to heat up your home. The best firewood is still that one that best suits your need, whether you plan to use it for cooking or for heating the house.

One type of firewood is the Green Firewood. This type contains moisture that is greater than 50%, therefore making burning very difficult and ineffective. Its heating potential is also lost since its moisture content (water) is released through steam. You will know a green firewood from its uniform wood color, intact bark, strong smell, or a dull “thud” when pieces are banged together end to end. The only way to really dry out this type of firewood is to split it, open its surface area and allow the water to evaporate via heat and air transfer.

Another type of firewood is called the Seasoned Firewood. This type has moisture content of less that 40%, thus making it burn efficiently, effectively, and give off the desired heat for your home. Seasoned firewood is wood that has been properly cut and split to dry. This drying process takes up to 12 months. Firewood that has below 10% moisture will burn too quickly making it also difficult for you to heat up your home.

When you are looking to buy seasoned firewood, notice some of its physical properties in order to be sure that you are getting quality firewood for your home. Seasoned Firewood has cracks in the end, and are generally odorless. Its color is paler than green firewood; it has no signs of molds or fungus and makes a loud “clang” when banged together end to end.

Firewood from different types of trees also has different characteristics when it comes to burning and giving off heat. As you can see, the best firewood depends on which type you need. Is it for cooking? Will it be used as a starter wood or wood for heating the home?

When buying firewood, the easiest way is to buy it from a trusted dealer or a manufacturer who can help you determine the type of wood you need. Ask the firewood dealer about the species, volume, dryness, and need for splitting of the firewood you would like to purchase.

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