Fireplace Creates Smoke in the Home

By: Guy Morris

It is cold out there, out side of your home, and keeping warm is first on your mind. You should think about using your fireplace. A fireplace is a great start to warming the room you are in, even when you don't have electricity in the rest of the home. A fireplace has many advantages.

You don't have to think about smoke when you are using your fire place. There are many types of vents, stacks, and methods that are now available so that you can use your fire place without all the smoke you might other wise have in teh home. Think clean heat!

We are going to tell you about a few tips that you can use to have cleaner heat, without the worry of smoke in the home so you can enjoy your fireplace more often, and more freely than you have in the past.

Smoke can ruin many things in your home, besides your health. The smoke can ruin the carpeting, the smoke can ruin the drapes, and the smoke can even stain your cupboards or your ceilings as well.

Clean out that chimney if you have one. Every year, or at least every two years you should think about your chimney. Not only is this going to prevent smoke in the home, but it will keep all those ashes going up from catching fire or catching your roof on fire because of build up. Have a chimney sweep come in and check on your chimney.

Check the damper on the chimney. The air flow through the chimney should be adequate to allow the smoke to go out through the chimney. If the damper is closed, the smoke can't escape the house.

Check what type of lumber, or wood you are using in the fireplace. Wood that is seasoned, that is dry will burn cleaner and with less smoke. This is wood that has been delivered to your home, that has dried over the course of the summer months, not wood that you have just cut using your log splitter.

Don't burn wood in the fireplace that is treated. Treated wood is going to burn, give off all types of smoke, and it is going to smell really bad because of the chemicals that are in the wood.

If you have drafts in your house, this can cause smoke to go through the home, instead of out and up through the chimney. A door or window left open causing a draft in the wrong direction will cause smoke to enter the home, and ruin things in your home. Check the windows and doors nearest the fireplace to be sure.

Check the fire place for dead animals in the chimney, in the wood you are using, and in the fire place itself. It is hard to tell where mice and squirrels will hide when it gets cold outside, and checking for these little critters can make your fireplace useful, and smokeless at the same time.

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