Finding great food jobs in New York, NY!

By: Luke Peterson

New York City's food culture includes a variety of world cuisines influenced by the city's immigrant history. Eastern European and Italian immigrants have made the city famous for bagels, cheesecake and New York-style pizza, while Chinese and other Asian restaurants, burger joints, Italian restaurants, diners and coffee shops are ubiquitous. The city is also home to many of the finest and most diverse cuisine restaurants in the United States. The entire food system in New York, when you look at it, can produce three choices: good jobs, good food and good health.

Making food jobs in NY is as hotter than an industrial oven. Jobs can be lost as easy as you think. In a striving economy, jobs can fly when consumers put off buying houses, cars, appliances or clothes but one is for sure, everyone has to eat.

Finding the great NY food jobs and employment will require perseverance, creativity and sometimes think unconventionally with the city's diverse food culture. The most vital factor in securing a great food job is the ability to articulate your interest in the food industry, skills, unique talents, values, work preferences, and accomplishments. Your employer will be interested in hearing about how you intend to become a better chef or waiter. Think about which skills will make you more competent in the position you're applying for. These are the foundation not only for setting meaningful career goals in the food industry but also for presenting yourself effectively in networking and interviews. I've seen many good chefs and cooks who are talented and accomplished, but who can't put compelling words around what they can offer.

There are many types of food jobs in NY, ranging from master chefs in distinguished restaurants to maintenance staff who work in diners. A food industry career as a nutritionist involves educating people about food. A restaurant owner is also part of this industry, as is a restaurant worker or server. Someone who works as a food manufacturing plant supervisor is in the food industry too. A restaurant manager is responsible for restaurant operations. He may oversee shift operations and hire employees. The manager will work closely with quality assurance personnel and food safety specialists to ensure that the business is clean and sanitary and that food meets high standards. He will also ensure that food is kept at the correct internal temperatures. Food safety specialists perform quality checks on any business that serves or sells food. He will write reports and often train employees on food safety issues.

Mentioned above are just a few. There are still a lot out there. All you have to do is identify the right opportunities available for you in NY in the their Food Jobs & Employment by researching positions of your interest. You may have to be patient and persistent to get the best and good food jobs in New York. But once you gain all the related experience and training, you will be able to find the job you truly want in NY!

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Luke Peterson is a career consultant by profession and a freelance writer. He writes articles on different subjects relating to human resource management and career building. In the given article, he highlights various aspects of food jobs in NY.

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