Finding and Choosing a Patent Lawyer

By: David Done

Patents ensure that a person or company owns the legal rights to an idea, technology, or product for a specified length of time. They are legally binding arrangements that prevent competitors from taking ideas and products to sell or use as their own. There are many different types of patents, and therefore there are many different types of patent lawyers who can guide laymen through the often labyrinthine process of securing a patent, so you should be certain that you get all of the patents that you need to ensure that your !a href="" title="Intellectual Property" target="_blank">intellectual property and products are protected.

Types of Patents

Among the many different types of patents that one might apply for, some of the most popular categories include biological patents, chemical patents, software patents, and business method patents. Even within these popular categories, however, there can be many subcategories that one should be aware of when seeking a patent lawyer. For instance, a company might own biological patents on either seeds or animals. A patent lawyer who has lots of experience working with corporations that create genetically modified seeds might not know as much about the relevant cases pertaining to animals.

Securing a Patent

Securing a patent often requires filling out many forms. Those who do not have experience in patent law might not even understand what information many of the forms request. They appear to be written in code to those who do not know how to read them properly. Lest one should think that applying for a patent is easy, perhaps they should consider that Einstein worked in a patent office. Getting an experienced attorney is a very reasonable way to make the patent process much simpler.

Finding a Patent Lawyer

Depending on what area you live in, you might find that there are many different patent lawyers from which you could choose. Patent lawyers do not typically advertise on TV, radio, and bus stop benches like personal injury lawyers, so you might have to use a directory to make a list. Making a list is the easy part. After you have chosen a few patent attorneys in your area, you will need to contact them to help you decide which one you would like to hire.

Choosing a Patent Lawyer

Start by contacting the first patent lawyer on your list. You might speak to an independent lawyer who runs her or his own office, or you might speak to a firm that employs several lawyers. Ask the attorneys how much experience they have in patent law. Ask them what types of patents they typically focus on so you will know if they have a basic grasp of the technology or ideas that you want to patent. It often helps to find a lawyer that has a background in biology, technology, or business as well as patent law because this can help them fully comprehend the details of your idea or product.

Ask the lawyers how much they charge for their services too. This will help you choose a patent attorney that you or your company can afford to hire.

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