Finding an effective hair loss treatment for people

By: Tony Miller

Hair Loss: How to Combat It?

Hair loss is an ailment that can affect almost all men and women. The cause of hair loss is the change of balance of androgens and estrogens, which are the male and female hormones. The falling of hair typically starts within the age of 12 and 40 years.

There are numerous causes of hair loss. However, the main causes are either genetic or hormonal changes. In fact these causes are behind 95% of hair loss cases. Other causes of hair loss include stress and usage of some drugs. No doubt, reducing oneís stress is important in slowing hair fall. There is a close relationship between DHT and the male baldness pattern. This dihydrotestosterone gives a bad effect on the hair follicles and slows down hair growth.

There are some drugs, which causes hair loss on the scalp as well as other places of the body. If doubted that the cause of oneís hair loss is due to certain medication, they must immediately consult the doctor and look for an alternative suggestion. There are reports of hair loss in both male and female when treated with certain medication for cancer.

One must begin hair loss treatment as soon as it is detected so that the effective treatment can slow down the hair loss. In women, the common cause of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia, which is also called as female pattern alopecia or baldness. The treatment of hair loss includes reduction of enzymatic activity that occurs on the scalp.

In male, the most common form of hair loss is the male Pattern hair loss. It represents 95% of all hair loss cases in men. One must look for hair treatment that is suited to him or her for the specific needs and help in hair growth. In women, hair loss also occurs due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause.

There are many reasons for hair loss. Hair loss could be due to stress, medication, hormonal imbalance etc. DHT and male pattern baldness are closely related to each other. The dihydrotestosterone has a very bad effect on the hair follicles as it slows down the growth of hair or stops hair growth completely.

As mentioned in the beginning, stress along with mental tension result in hair loss. In the case of males, hair loss is more a genetic problem and is found in the heredity. The testosterone and DHT also causes hair fall and can result in complete baldness. One can grow hair on their bald scalp through medication or surgery. It must be remembered that baldness is a condition and not a disease. Baldness do not occur in a short time but takes time. First Hair thinning occurs and the hair falls off. Slowly the growth of hair stops and one gets bald.
To stop hair loss, one must go for hair loss treatment. One can reverse the course of hair loss if treatment starts early. Through hair loss treatment, one can aid the growth of new hair follicle. One must also keep the internal body functions in correct state. If some illness is found, it must be treated immediately.

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