Finding a Cover That Matches Your Carís Exquisiteness

By: Caleb Zimmerman

If youíre a fan of cars, then you likely find yourself owning multiple vehicles at any point of time. Itís not rare at all for enthusiasts to keep and maintain a number of cars in their garages simultaneously, but whatís even more common is the larger collection of currently unused cars tucked away somewhere. If you like collecting cars, old and new, then you know how difficult it can be to keep up with all of them once their numbers have grown too large, so you often need some special tools to make the job easier.

The optimal solution is to cover the cars that you donít use actively and keep them stored for the long run. From time to time, you can easily just remove the cover and go for a ride if you feel like it Ė then return the car to its garage or parking lot and cover it back up. And yes, even cars stored indoors can often benefit from a good cover on them, especially if the paint is sensitive to tiny particles (in which case you wouldnít want to have a thick layer of dust piling up over that car).

If you go out looking for car covers though, the majority of products youíll find won't exactly be something youíd expect to put on a high-end car. You want something that not only protects the car well enough, but also adds a bit of an aesthetic appeal to it in its covered state.

For most cars, especially rare collectibles, you can't go with a stock cover. You need something made specifically for your car. And much like you can get a custom-tailored suit for yourself if you want something that fits you perfectly, you can also order a cover made specifically for your car(s) if youíre working with certain professional manufacturers. Sure, it costs noticeably more than regular car covers, but you know what youíre buying and why you need it.

These high-grade covers are typically made of fine materials like cotton, with seams carefully designed and placed so they donít rub against the car when taking off the cover. That way you won't risk even a single scratch on the car, which is not unlikely to happen if youíre using a crude canvas cover, for example.

Not only do quality cotton car covers look and feel great, they also last much longer than their cheaper counterparts when theyíre made properly. Especially with custom-made car covers, this fit the shape and contours of your car perfectly and therefore suffer the minimum amount of strain while in use. If your cover has the wrong shape for your car, this can really affect its durability, and youíll soon start noticing tears in the spots where itís stretching.
This is just one of the many investments you can make into your car collection, but it should definitely be on the top of your list if you havenít taken care of it yet. Itís something that directly affects the long-term value of your cars and your ability to enjoy them in the future!

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