Finding a Classy Brazilian Bikini

By: Omar

When you think of the Brazilian Bikini or any swimsuit from Brazil, for the matter, you likely envision a suit your mother would never wear! Okay, Stacy's mom is the exception, but you get my point. Most women will never wear it as it is something that makes them uncomfortable. Perhaps, it is rightfully so. The Brazilian Cut has always been known as both skimpy and revealing in the United States. The "cheeky" look is the blame. The Brazilian Cut offers moderate coverage in the rear and small triangle or bandeau tops, leaving little to the imagination in the front. So, it is no surprise that we have people in the US who shun Brazilian Swimsuit. But, would it surprise to know the first bikini in history was received the exact same way?

The first known bikini appeared in 1946. It was invented by Louis Reard and worn by actress Micheline Bernardini. While it was dubbed a string bikini, mind you, it was nothing like the swimsuits of today. It offered full coverage of all areas and it left plenty to the imagination. But, for that time, it was as risqué as today's Brazilian Bikini and the US wanted nothing to do with it. Our country continued to shun the bikini for over a decade and did not truly adopt this swimwear until the very popular song, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" hit the radio in 1960. A star was born and the bikini has been a constant here in the US ever since.

Recently, we have seen a shift in the way people view Brazilian Bikinis. They are no longer being frowned upon or treated as harshly. In fact, they are now being celebrated by celebrities and movie watchers around the globe. Jennifer Aniston is perhaps the biggest celebrity to don the Brazilian Bikini and, much in the same way as Micheline Bernardini did back in 1946, she has helped make this style of swimwear the most popular style of the past four years. Other celebrities have also followed her lead, from a young Lindsay Lohan to 40 something Teri Hatcher. Other celebrities wearing this style of bikini include: Kate Hudson, Vanessa Minnillo, Kate Bosworth, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba and Hayden Panettiere, to name a few. And while, these celebrities have helped to bring the Brazilian Bikini to the forefront of the American Culture, the designers in Brazil have worked tirelessly to help evolve these pieces into a more sophisticated designer bikini. It is no longer merely known for its' risqué cut alone. Now, they are being created from the most highly sought after fabrics in the world and being adorned with Jewls such as Mother of Pearls.

There are many fashion trends in 2009 when you think of the Brazilian Bikini, but two stand out the most: The snake skin and the ruffle bikini, sometimes referred to as the ruffled bikini. These two cuts are now being made from Italian fabrics and real Lycra from Invista-completely comparable to the best swimwear made anywhere in the world today. Simply put, the Brazilian Bikini is now a designer swimsuit and yes it can be very classy and even considered Resort Swimwear. Enjoy the Summer of 2009 and the continuing evolution of the this now classy swimwear.

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Omar Lagudali is a designer of Brazilian Bikinis along with Brazilian Swimsuits.

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