Finding Laguna Beach Real Estate For $450,000

By: Gen Wright

Laguna Beach real estate can be expensive if you are uncertain of where to look or when to make an offer. While the options are few, you can find a good price on a great home in the area that will allow you to live where you've always wanted, explore rental income options, or take advantage of having a second home. Whatever drives you to the Pacific Coast, you can find properties that are so affordable they seem too good to be true. It is not uncommon for one to find a prime beachfront location for around $450,000. But to get there, you have to act fast, have your pre-qualifications met, and be able to partner with an agent, who truly knows the area.

Acting Quickly

One must be able to act with expediency when it comes to securing a deal on a Laguna Beach home at the rate of $450,000. Often times, these homes are available as the result of a short sale. With short sales, a homeowner in over his head has arranged to sell at a loss in order to avoid foreclosure. It is worth it to the lender to allow this because when the home is sitting empty, it is not making them any money whatsoever. While it is not the best option for the seller's credit rating, it will serve him better than heading into foreclosure, and it will give you the opportunity to get a great home at a great price. However, these homes are highly sought after, so you have to be able to make a strong offer quickly to beat out the other potential buyers.

Meeting Pre-Qualifications

The two most important factors to your eligibility for a home purchase are credit rating and debt to income. With a strong credit rating of 750-800, you should have no problem securing the trust of a lender at a highly affordable interest rate. The more responsible that you are financially, the better your chances are of getting a better deal on your monthly payments. By keeping your debt to income ratio low, you also demonstrate a history of not taking on too much, and this, too, makes you attractive to lending companies.

Partnering with an Agent

It is not enough to simply go with real estate experience. To get the kind of quality home at the $450,000 range, you need someone with an intimate knowledge of the area to point you toward the properties that are going up for sale on the market. Meet with someone, who has lots of experience in Laguna Beach specifically, and you could have an offer on the table before you know it, and a home that you can be most proud of.

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