Finding Enjoyment With Your Own Pineapple Fountain

By: Amber Y. Dalomba

While it is not widely known, the impact the pineapple has had on culture, dcor, and architecture is significant. The design of this unique fruit has appeared or inspired different features including pedestals, brackets, wall sculptures, corbels, furniture, and stonework. It's no surprise then that pineapple, associated with inviting atmospheres and hospitality, has also been used in water fixtures. The pineapple fountain is one of the more fascinating and attractive results.
The pineapple fountain may be properly considered American in its roots, a fact that can be traced back to the initial trade of the pineapple fruit in South America and European exportation from the Caribbean in the 1600's. The pineapple became popular not only because of its wonderful flavor, but also its intriguing appearance. It was the artistic and decorative potential of the pineapple that planted the seeds for a creative period for architectural design and decorative arts. The pineapple was just one of many creations produced during this exciting period.
Early on, the pineapple fountain was an exclusive feature that was often available only for the wealthier classes. Elaborate and richly crafted pineapple fountains could be found in the homes and residences of aristocrats, planters, and members of royalty. Of course, you could also find the pineapple fountain in public places. These fountains became popular additions to public parks and government buildings like courthouses.
For the following centuries, the pineapple fountain continued with a number of different designs and multiple styles appearing in homes and public sites. Even now, throughout the United States, pineapple inspired designs, including the pineapple fountain, are regularly used to create artful garden designs.
While technology has improved, providing more materials for fountain construction, the pineapple fountain has become an indoor design element as well as an outdoor one. Like other water fountain models, the pineapple fountain is being constructed of synthetic materials like fiberglass, resin, and durable plastics. This doesn't mean that manufacturers have ceased using traditional materials like stone, concrete, and metal. There is a give and take in the industry. There are so many different kinds of fountain constructions available because there is a demand for them.
The pineapple wall fountain retains a broad consumer appeal. If you were to do a search for the pineapple fountain on the internet, you would immediately get a better grasp of the sheer volume of retailers that are offering quality fountains at competitive prices. You could spend hours just browsing through the listings for these styles and many more.
A pineapple fountain is feasible only if you have a whole motif or interior design plan prepared in advance. The more preparing you do before buying one of these fountains, the better chance you will have of tracking down a decently priced pineapple fountain that will be perfect for your outdoor garden or indoor space. If you're serious about it, then get started with research. Get all of the guesswork out of the way before you install a fountain that won't really fit and you won't like.

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