Finding An Engagement Ring Jewelry Designer

By: Eduard Rakting

For the couple making wedding plans, finding an engagement ring is a very special event, ranking high on the priority list with few other memories of a lifetime together. The process of shopping for and selecting the perfect ring will be filled with emotions that run the gamut from joy and pleasure to concern about cost. Placing an engagement ring on the finger of a woman is a symbol of what the man is actually promising, and it is very important that the couple makes the correct decision.
Couples that have reached this stage in their relationship have two basic choices: purchasing a ring from a top-quality jewelry store or locating a person that specializes in engagement ring design, to have a one-of-a-kind ring made. Since this choice is so important, the couple should take some time to discuss what type of ring is most desirable, then find several rings that are close to that design. Of course, the rarity of the ring and the overall design will be determined by the amount of time and money the couple has available for this purchase.
Some couples may be willing to wait for a custom engagement ring to be designed and made, while others may feel that the best engagement ring on display in an area store is perfect. A custom ring from a top designer adds several weeks to the purchase process, in addition to some added cost for the personal attention given by the designer.
However, there is an "in between" option. Some couples choose to work with such companies as Blue Nile and Spence Diamonds. These companies offer engagement rings that have already been designed and produced in various sizes. But a few of these companies make an extra effort to help the couple choose a particular ring from among the large inventory. As with most of the top jewelry sources, these companies understand the emotional and financial investment that the couple puts into this event.
Good jewelry sales people, in a local shop or with one of the companies mentioned earlier, are professionals who focus on the individuals they are working with. These experts will ask about price ranges, of course, but they will also try to learn about the two individuals involved. This is key in helping a couple find the correct style for their engagement ring. This personal involvement is critical in getting a ring of sufficient quality for the amount of money available.
Companies such as Spence Diamonds are a tremendous option for the engagement ring process. This reputable company offers a wide range of jewelry items, with engagement rings as a particular area of expertise. The company is known in the industry as a business that offers one of the most comprehensive ring protection plans in the field.
The guarantee includes: a satisfaction-guaranteed statement; loss protection; trade-up allowance for a lifetime; cleaning and examination; mounting-style change; cleaning/examination; and ring size adjustment.
Reputable jewelry companies will take a personal approach to selling jewelry, with some specializing in diamond items and engagement rings. These select businesses will offer only the finest in rings and other jewelry pieces, and the service will be second to none.

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