Finding An Effective Treatment for Tinnitus

By: Aidan Ashcroft

One of the most common of all illnesses that can affect someone is Tinnitus, this disease is simply a ringing in the ear, but when it is severe then this can be unbearable for the sufferer. The disease will usually affect people who are in their advanced years however; it can also affect anyone no matter how old they may be. It often is most prevalent in people who are surrounded by very noisy environment. Because tinnitus is so common, there is a push to find more information by many people with the disease.
There are many different ways to treat tinnitus however due to the fact that in most situations there is no way to find the cause of tinnitus, it is hard to find to a permanent treatment for tinnitus. Because of this, the most effective therapies are the ones that relieve the problem. Some of the techniques will help the sufferer tolerate tinnitus.
Most people will turn to the use of hearing aids as a treatment for tinnitus because they tend to reduce the sounds associated with the condition. Other people, particularly those who have more advanced hearing problems may opt to have a cochlear implant which is known for its ability to help with the loudness of the tinnitus condition.
Another very effective treatment for tinnitus is a technique called masking. Masking is a way to drown out the ringing noises a person may have. Even though this technique is a very effective treatment for tinnitus, some people do not respond will to this treatment. Because this is true, some people must first take a test to ensure compatibility. For those people who hear high pitched tones, a person will need a high pitched noise to drown out the tinnitus.
Masking should be used any time of the day that the person feels it is necessary. Some people may even need the masking technique as treatment for tinnitus while they are asleep. For some masking can include FM static, running water, fan and air conditioners as well as tinnitus masking equipment. Prolonged use of this treatment for tinnitus may cause permanent suppression.
In addition to masking there are several medications that will relieve a person who has the symptoms of tinnitus. The medications have proven successful at relieving tinnitus; however they are unable to cure the condition. The drugs include lidocaine, which offers total relief from the problem for about 30 minutes giving the person a much needed break. A person may also get relief from alprazolam (xanax) which has proven to offer a person a reduction in the noise they hear.

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