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Earrings may be popular since human beings existed. As an important accessory of ladiesí outfits, earrings play an important role in express their beauty. Faced with so many dizzying earring jewelries, girls must want to occupy them instantly. But as for things as precious as earring jewelry, girls should know some tips to choose earrings before you make the decision.
Choose the earrings depending on your face shape.
The long rectangular-shaped earrings can be selected if you have round face; on the other hand, the beaded earrings may be a better choice for the rectangular face; In case of the oval face, various shapes can be chosen from.
Choose the earrings matching with your skin color.
Girls with light skin color should choose earrings in dark color. On the other hand, the one with dark color skin will match well with light color earrings. It will work well with the contrast between dark and light colors. For example, a white face matching with red, light pink and olive earrings can make the face look cute and delicate. And the earring in gold can go well with carious colors.
Choose earrings that are suit your stature.
Choose earrings that compliment your stature. Petite girls need earrings which canít make them look shorter. The style of long and dangling earrings isnít suitable as they may block the space between the ears and shoulder, which probably give the appearance of a shorter neck line. Women of average height (155centimeters to 165 centimeters) are not restricted by height. They can wear various styles and which can compliment their neck line. Girls who are tall (over 170 centimeters) need to pay attention to the space between the ears and shoulder, too small earrings may get lost in the so long space.
Choose proper colors of the earrings
Choosing color of the earring must be various with the seasons and the color of your dressing. The simple and safe choice is to choose the color in the same color system of your dressing, which may give you the harmony all over your outfit. The better choice, if you are skillful in color matching, choosing the color which is just in contrast to the dressing color, which makes you outfit special and eye-catching. In different seasons, different color also can enhance your beauty. In general, cute and light earrings wore in summer can make you appear cool and amiable; wearing earrings made of sterling silver in winter will give you a elegant and concise appearance.

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