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By: Shannon Linnen

You might have seen the articles recently that trumpet the dropping prices of seafood. But where are those drops in the prices you've been paying at the grocery store. It is true that wholesale prices have been dropping for many luxury items, like lobster, but the farther away from the coast you get, the less likely you are to see any benefit from these reductions. There are ways to help get yourself these great new discounts. All you'll need to do is shop directly online. You can have fresh Maine lobsters delivered to your door by tomorrow, at a great price.
When you're looking for a truly decadent and succulent treat, fresh Maine lobster is a great place to start. They're trapped by professional and seasoned fisherman daily off the coast of Maine, as they have been for hundreds of years. These delicious crustaceans have always been served at the finest restaurants, and until recently, they were likely out of your price range. But now, because the prices have fallen to a new low, you can afford these flavorful treats for yourself!
So what will you be able to do with all of this fresh Maine lobster that's now available? There are many different recipes that you can try, with lobster at such a low price per pound. There are many traditional favorites that you may enjoy, like lobster bisque. This is a great cold weather treat to warm up your loved ones! You could also invite over your friends and family for fresh steamed lobsters. Imagine their surprise when dinner is a whole one pound lobster for everyone to crack into.
Now that you can get some fresh Maine lobster for such an attractive price, you'll be able to experiment with less traditional dishes as well. Are you in a breakfast mood? There are lots of great breakfast dishes to try. If you have extra steamed lobster, why not try a lobster and brie omelet as a surprise for your family. You can also try to spice up a classic with a lobster benedict. If you're in an experimental mood for dinner, why not try an Asian lobster sauce over rice, or even a lobster pizza!
So how can you, living far from the coast, take advantage of these great deals on lobster? The easiest way is to buy online. Instead of losing most of the savings to the middleman and the grocery store, you'll be able to buy directly from the fisherman themselves. This gives them the best price, and you as well! And you'll know that you're getting the freshest seafood available, by the next day. It's a great way to get the fresh lobster you want at the best price out there.
So what are you waiting for, hop online and order fresh Maine lobster today. It's a great treat for your friends and family at a price that can't be beat, but might not last. You know you want to enjoy the succulent taste of fresh lobster, so dig in!

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