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Are you looking for a vet shop that is more than just treating pets? Then the Creedmoor Road Hospital is the right place for you. When your vet is sick and unhappy, then you too are unhappy. It is high time that you got a good pet hospital to collaborate with you in providing the best care for your pets. You will love every bit of this. Taking care of pets is not an easy business and you cannot do it alone. However, with help from this renowned hospital, looking for a vet Raleigh NC is now easier since you can first find them on the internet and learn about the services that they are ready to give you. What will you benefit from if you take your pet to them?

Well trained vets and pet care staff
It takes a special heart to love animals and treat them nicely and that is why all the personnel working here are well-trained and animal lovers. A vet who has his/her own pet at home is even better. From the minute that you check in your lovely pet to the time you check him out, you will find excellent customer support and your lovely companion will be in the hands of well trained vets. Are you looking for a cat vet Raleigh? Then look no further than here because they do not come any better.

Our staffs will keep you updated on the progress of your pet if admitted and therefore you do not have to come to the hospital every time. we can treat a variety of pets which include dogs, hamsters, cats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits to name but just a few of them.

A variety of services
We will offer you a number of pet related services. Suddenly, looking for dog vet Raleigh is not enough on its own because there is more than that here. At Creedmoor Road Hospital, we provide pet day care services. You can leave your pet with us in the morning when you go to work and collect him/her again in the evening. That way, you will not be afraid that vandals could kill your cat when you are at work.

We arrange appointments with you and your pet for minor surgeries, for example, when your pet has broken a limb. We also arrange appointments for dentistry and much more. You can also bring your pet for diagnosis when you think that there is something wrong. Usually, when you think that there is something wrong with your pet, there definitely is and therefore it is only fair that you take him to the sick pet Raleigh hospital. You will meet people who are just a tad more than doctors and nurses. They love animals because they too have their own. Your visit to the vet need not be a hallowing experience but it can well be enjoyable.

And the price? Well affordable, you can be assured. There are no fixed prices because different customers come with different needs.

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Creedmoor Road Animal Hospital offers a full service hospital providing a wide range of services. For more info about dog and cat surgery raleigh and raleigh nc animal hospital visit

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