Find Out More About the Different Aspects of the Military MRE: Meal, Ready to Eat

By: Robert Thomson

What Are Military MREs?

Primarily, the acronym MRE stands for Meal, Ready to Eat, which plays an important role in military operations. Military MRE refers to pre-packed food commonly used to feed soldiers who are currently engaged in ongoing missions. Because of the unavailability of food in remote and war-stricken areas, these items come in handy for everyone. Just like regular meals, these military MREs are packed with vitamins and minerals enough to nourish and replenish the tired bodies of military personnel.

To preserve the quality and freshness of these specially designed meals, military MREs are placed inside airtight containers. Simultaneously, these items are compact and lightweight, which makes them easier to bring and can easily fit into the pockets of soldiers. With the help of these special meals, soldiers will never go hungry even during challenging times.

Nutritional Content of Military MREs

Because military MREs are specifically designed for the purpose of nourishment, these products are packed with valuable nutrients that are enough to energize all the tired bodies out there. Generally, these meals contain an average rate of 1,250 calories. Usually, these military meals are comprised of 51 percent carbohydrates, 36 percent fats, and 13 percent proteins. Likewise, they also ensure that military personnel can meet at least one-third minerals and vitamins as prescribed in the Military Recommended Daily Allowance chart. To guarantee this fact, the U.S. Surgeon General has approved and certified the efficiency as well as the safety of military MREs.

One of the major advantages of using military MREs is that people can consume them in different ways. For instance, soldiers can eat them even if they are cold, while these products are definitely tastier especially when dipped in hot water for a few minutes.

Different Types of Meals Packed as Military MREs

Chicken Breast

For soldiers who love chicken dishes, they can always try the Chicken Breast military MRE. This particular dish comes with a cake, a couple of wheat snack bread, jalapeno cheese spread. Furthermore, it also comes with minestrone stew, candies, and jalapeno ketchup. Additionally, it also comes with instant coffee with French vanilla flavor.

Pork Ribs
In the meantime, individuals who prefer pork can enjoy such specialty by ordering the Pork Ribs military MRE. This meal goes with a couple of wheat snack bread, cheddar cheese spread, and clam chowder. In addition, it includes hot sauce, a cookie, and an electrolyte beverage.

Beefsteak with Mushrooms

Aside from pork and beef, people can also order beef delicacy in the form of Beefsteak with Mushrooms military MRE. It comes with red pepper, dairy shake, and steak sauce. Other important components of this dish include a cracker, a jam, and western beans. Furthermore, it also comes with a candy for dessert.

Chili with Macaroni

For snacks, there is nothing much better than the Chili with Macaroni military MRE. Perfect for pasta-lovers, this meal contains red pepper, wheat snack bread, and jalapeno cheese spread. It also goes with a candy and a cookie for dessert, while the beverage is cocoa.

These are just a taste of the different types of MREs available and gives you a good idea about what these Meals Ready to Eat are all about.

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