Find Out How To Stop Snoring In One Easy Lesson

By: Mervyn Tryst

Right now there are hundreds of thousands of people snoring. If you want to know how to stop snoring, the cause will have to be determined first.
There are several reasons people snore and the best way to find the reason you have this problem is to go to a specialist. Not only can they find out why but they can help with a range of stop snoring solutions.
Finding Out Why You Snore
Strangely enough tonsilitis can actually be a cause of snoring and if it cannot be cured by drugs then surgery is usually the solution.
If sleep apnea is suspected as the reason, a sleep study may be required. This is called a polysomnogram.
Tests can also be performed by you to see if the problem can be corrected by eliminating something in the home that is causing breathing difficulties and is responsible for snoring.
Items such as feather pillows, perfumes and cat hairs are common culprits.
There are also over the counter solutions for snoring. The use of nasal sprays will relieve the congestion caused by swelling. Strips that you can place across the nose may help by holding the nasal passages.
Those unfortunate people who sleep with their mouths open are prime candidates for being snorers. Special devices worn on the chin can be purchased to tackle this problem.
There are more reasons for snoring and one includes being a tongue base snorer. This simply means the base of your tongue gets in the way of breathing and causes you to snore.
Physical remedies such as a mandibular advancement device can be used to pin your tongue against the lower jaw, this stops it from flapping and causing obstruction.
A further reason for snoring is vibration of the soft palate at the back of the mouth. This is caused by air flow through beathing.
Sleep Apnea
If you suspect that you have sleep apnea then no off the shelf remedy is going to help you, seek the advice of your doctor immediately.
Sleep apnea causes the sufferer to actually stop breathing, it is obstructive to restful sleep and can be dangerous especially if the person has a demanding physical job.
Because they stop breathing for 10 seconds or longer the blood flow to the heart and the brain is stopped as well. The result of this can be many things but one major issue is failure of the left side of the heart.
Do remember that sleep apnea affects people in varying degrees and that there are milder forms with less dire consequences.
Other potential causes of snoring include nasal blockages, sinus problems and being overweight.

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