Finance Accounting Outsourcing as a Tool of Competitive Advantage in the Global World

By: Michelle Barkley

With decreasing profit margins across industries the world over, one of the most widely practiced management strategies for a company in recent years is to adopt measures across the entire operational chain aimed at improving efficiency and achieving substantial cost reduction. Business Process Outsourcing is one such strategic tool that has come to be accepted as one of the most effective means to achieve a high degree of operational efficiency in respect of activities that are not primary to an organizationís focus. Finance accounting outsourcing is one such area that is given high priority by companies across the globe.

Finance accounting outsourcing has some real advantages. By outsourcing its finance and accounting activities to a third party, the company can reduce its burden of managing the routine administrative activities to a great extent. There is a huge saving of cost, first and foremost because there is no requirement of a separate accounts or finance department. Thus the administrative expenses by finance accounting outsourcing are reduced to a great extent, and the top management is free from the responsibility of managing its manpower in these departments.

The finance and accounts outsourcing is generally resorted to by large-sized companies. Maintaining the huge account of such a company is a Herculean task that requires a great amount of skill and by outsourcing these activities to a specialized company which exclusively deals in this area, ensures that the activities are performed with a much better operational efficiency by the skilled professionals who have all the expertise needed for the job. The activities most commonly outsourced in this domain are performing the monthly, quarterly and annual accounting, bookkeeping task, ledger maintenance, accounting staff training and accounting software assistance.

Indeed, cost reduction is one of the most important reasons why more and more companies these days are going in for finance accounting outsourcing. The total cost of keeping skilled professionals for managing the finance and accounts work of the company is always more than the cost involved in outsourcing these activities. The primary reason for this is that when a company is outsourcing its activities, it can look for markets where the labor cost is not as high as that in the market in which the company is running its core business activity. Another reason is that the company saves a lot on the fixed administrative cost involved if these activities are performed in-house. The company also does not have to worry about giving high salaries to its employees for a work that can be done by a person drawing less salary. At times, the company may be forced to live with this kind of discrepancies in the salary structure to keep its employees motivated and the replacement cost involved.

Finance accounting outsourcing is also an effective tool in improving the work efficiency of the company. The excess pressure of workload for the top management can be a hindrance in the companyís progress. By outsourcing its routine activities to a third party spares the top management from the burden of looking after activities that are not critical to the companyís performance, and it will be able to give adequate time to other areas that demand more attention. Finance accounting outsourcing enables the top management to save precious time that can be utilized for addressing matters related to the core functional activities of an organization.

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