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Wedding photography is also concerned with the portrait photography for a bride. Most brides will have an individual portrait of them in their bridal dress taken to be displayed at the wedding and later at the bride's home. If an entire package is bought, from engagement photos to reception photos, a bridal portrait is included. For many families of the bride, this portrait alone is one that they have dreamed of ever since the woman was a little girl. To capture this vision is very important and needs to be handled with great care and concern. The wedding photography business is a hot and lucrative occupation to be in. If attention to detail is given, a photographer can become well known and make a very good income by capturing intimate moments of a new relationship just beginning. Even though a photographer is behind the lens, the action they see will be caught for lifetimes to enjoy.

How can I become a professional photographer? So many answers are available for this question. Photography school are everywhere, but if a person cannot attend photography classes on campus, becoming a professional photographer can be difficult. However, the New York Institute of Photography allows for anyone in the world to become a professional photographer via correspondence. But, by doing a little research at the library, on the internet, and possibly interviewing local photographers to find out how they got into the business, a person can easily become a professional photographer.

By using digital photography, even the novice photographer has the capability to produce professional quality pictures at a fraction of the cost. Photography has been around for a long time, and people have always wanted their memories captured to last for generations. By using digital photography, the photography community has opened up the doors for photo sharing in every technological form if one has the right equipment. The first thing that a person must invest in when thinking of using digital photography is the right camera. In order to understand what constitutes the right camera for someone, a person must understand how exactly the digital camera works. A digital camera works is by using an electronic device to store and capture an image into binary data. In other words, the picture is turned into a form of information that can be understood by a computer's electronic brain.

When you are deciding on a camera to buy it is really helpful to know certain key elements in the camera. Resolution is one of them: How much resolution you need depends on how you plan to use your digital camera. Obviously you plan to take pictures, but what you plan to do with the pictures is what matters. If you plan to take pictures only for online use, such as to e-mail to friends and family or to place on a web page, most any amount of resolution will accomplish this. However, if you plan to print large photos or need clearer pictures for business use, you will need more pixels. A good rule of thumb is to choose a digital camera with the highest resolution you can afford. At the very least, buy a camera with a minimum of 2 to 3 mega pixels. Beware of sales hype, which tends to emphasize high resolution over all other features. While resolution is important, there are many other features, which influence a camera's output. Make sure the camera you choose has a combination of features important to you, not just high resolution.

Purchasing any gift item for your child is a mind-numbing task. You can never be sure whether they will like what you buy for them or not. So, when you want to buy a digital camera for your little kids, then there are lots of things, which you must know, which will help you (hopefully!) to get the right camera for your child. One of the most important things for children is that the digital camera should be one of the latest available in the market. If it has been heavily advertised and people are talking about it, then it is even better. This gives children a sense of pride and also allows them to 'show-off' their possession to their friends. Another factor, which is critical for children, is that the camera must look good. This is very, very important to them. It does not matter whether it has a big screen or small screen, whether it is 2 mega pixel or 1.5 mega pixel - the camera should have a smart shape, come in flashy colors or it can also look cute or funky. But, the camera should not look 'boring' or very 'serious' in nature. However good the functions might be, if the camera does not look good, it is most likely that your choice will get rejected.

Besides an improperly exposed photo, the other most common mistake beginning photographers (and sometimes the pros) make is not getting a photo that is in sharp focus. Choose the right shutter speed - Shutter speed means how long the shutter of your digital camera stays open. It's expressed as a fraction of a second, such as 1/30th or 160th or 1/400th. The slower the shutter speed, the longer the shutter is open, and the more likely your are to get a blurred picture. If your digital camera is in automatic mode, make sure the shutter speed the camera is showing is at least 1/125th. It's very hard to do get a sharp photo at a slower speed. For moving objects, you'll need a setting of at least 1/400th to stop the motion. If the auto mode is not showing a fast enough shutter speed, switch the camera to the shutter priority setting and set the shutter speed manually.

If your digital camera is set on automatic exposure, it will usually be fooled into grossly over-exposing the image because the scene will be dominated by the blackness of the night sky. Use the built-in monitor screen of your camera to judge whether or not the colours in your shots are bleached out from over-exposure. If they are, either try a manual setting or use the +/- EV compensation option and experiment with minus settings.

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