Film Transfer New York, So Quick and Easy

By: Stephen Walter

Do you have piles and piles of photos, family videos on VHR, or other types of media containing all of your precious memories? Are you perplexed on how to go about organizing all of your media items so that you can view them with ease and conveniently? Well luckily for you now there is an easy solution to organize and view all of your different forms of media into one easy medium. All you have to do is get all of your different forms of media together, whether it is film, VHS, photo cards, or slides and send them in to a digitization center. A digitization company will be able to take all of your forms of media that represent all of your wondrous memoires to DVD, CD, or your hard drive; itís as simple as that. You also do not have to worry about losing any of your precious memories because the digitization process will care for your media in a safe and secure manner. You can either drop off all your media at an in store location, or just send them via mail that you can have tracked and insured.

Once you have received your newly digital media, the digitization company will follow up with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your end result. People who have transferred all of their old media into newly digital media have been completely enthralled with their new content. Turning old slides and VHS tapes into easily viewed DCD and CD will allow for the ultimate reunions, graduations, parties, retirement, and birthdays to name a few.

Not only can you transform your old VHS tapes and slides into digital, but digitization can also be applied to printed photographs. The digitization of photographs starts from the scanning of the photo into their computer frame where they will make the transition from paper to digital. The types of photo that are available for scanning and transfer are all types of prints, slides, and negatives. You donít have to be afraid of sending in your older photographs that may have some slight imperfections on them because when digitizing the photos are first airbrushed to ensure that your photo is transferred at the best quality as possible.

Resolutions of the various types of media differ in terms of quality and resilience ranging from 300 dpi (dots per inch) to 4000 dpi. The difference between standard and full resolution quality is full resolution is twice the times of dpi than standard. If you are looking for a way to turn in all of your different forms of media into one compressed, easy to read form, then look no further. Now you can digitize all of your media from various sources into one making it easy for viewing and storing. No longer will you have to worry about those boxes and boxes of slides and photographs that are just collecting dust in your basement. Digitize all of your old memories into new ones with newly digitized media.

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