Fetal Development Pictures: A First Look At Your Baby in the Womb

By: SWilson

For the pregnant mother, seeing the baby grow inside her through pregnant baby pictures is very rewarding since she is able to keep track of her babyís development. The use of photographs has lasted the a thousand years in documenting events that are special. Photos are keepers of memories you want to last a lifetime that is why the pregnant mother would be gratified of baby pictures inside her womb. From the first four weeks of pregnancy to the last trimester, the mother is able to compare and contrast growth achievement of her baby through this baby pictures.

Fetal development is the greatest worry a pregnant mother could have. Questions in her mind would range from --- How does my baby look like? What kind of eyes does she have? Are her legs long like mine? Are her eyes as charming as her fatherís? These doubts can be answered through tracking of babyís growth through ultrasound pictures that show the changes of the baby physically. What happens to the baby during the most crucial weeks of development? Having a pregnancy calendar can be helpful in analyzing whatever is happening inside your womb.

The pregnancy calendar should come with a week by week pregnant baby pictures that will virtually help the would-be mother to understand the changes in her body. All the pains, the setbacks and the fears will be washed away once the baby image is gotten clear with pictures.

What can you see inside your womb during the first month? They say the first trimester is the most crucial moments of pregnancy since all developments happen to the baby that time. The first month of pregnancy will show you how the embryo made up of two layers of cells will develop. There will be clear formation of the fetal development yet the development of embryonic layers is indicators of life inside. On the second month of pregnancy, your baby will be as big as a kidney bean and will indicate movement through webbed fingers. The next nine weeks of pregnancy will show a clearer image of the babyís fingers who is now about three inches long.

Moreover, as the pregnancy goes on, more significant growth changes occur. The growth of the eyelids, the lungs, and the eyebrows all contribute to the motherís excitement in seeing pregnant baby pictures. The clarity of images will not only drive the mother to continuously work hard to achieve good health for the baby but will also help her look forward to more wonderful physical and mental changes. The joy of seeing someone grow from a small seed to having arms and legs to becoming a full term baby is a gift to treasure for every woman. Your fetal development will be more securely documented with pregnant baby pictures that vividly wash away all motherís fears and doubts. These pictures will give you the right updates on the present goings on of the infant inside you. Take one good shot and relive the first joys you had as a mother.

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