Features and Benefits of lumatek air cooled

By: Julia Bennet

When you upgrade to a lumatek air cooled electronic ballast, you would instantly start seeing the benefits. They are more efficient and offer more lumen output, and they are a huge step forward in hydroponics technology. Another new addition to gardening technology, canna boost is a powerful flowering stimulator. Explore the features and benefits of these new technologies in the following paragraphs.

As compared to conventional magnetic ballasts, the new lumatek air cooled electronic ballasts lose lesser amount of power between the outlet and the lamp. They offer more stable light, start faster and run silently. They have extremely low weight and generate minimal amount of heat. They are safe due to their special power cutoff feature in case of a short circuit. The output level gets adjusted to 110% from 50% due to a special dimmer knob.

In addition, the lumatek air cooled ballast could be powered by both 120 V and 240 V. This new technology helps every grower to upgrade their gear to the ultimate. This is a lightweight and all-in-one ballast that could run MH and HPS lamps with different wattage. It uses the latest Staggered Ignition Technology that could ignite lights one at a time. This prevents breakers from getting tripped at the time of start-up. Overall, this ballast enhances the performance out of any lighting system.

Another new addition to gardening technology, canna boost is a powerful flowering stimulator that could improve a gardenís output. It is specifically designed for faster growing plants, and helps improve yield and quality. It helps stimulate development of new flowers that would transform into fuller fruits. It helps in achieving a harvest comprising of evenly matured fruits. A unique feature to this stimulator is that it also helps improve the taste.

The canna boost stimulator works by improving the process of photosynthesis in the plants. The plants would produce a sweeter taste and natural flavors. Another benefit of this additive is that it could be used with almost any substrate. It could be used in any cultivation system and along with any other feeding. The compounds in this stimulant helps ensure that the plants mature to their best potential. There are natural flowering regulators in to that would help in the distribution of stimulants, flowering substances and the energy in a natural way.

Because of this, the canna boost helps in the uniform development of fruits and their maturing to the full potential. In addition, it would fill the plant with more energy for fighting pathogens. If there is any shortage of energy, there is a high chance that the plants could be attacked by diseases, especially when it is about to be harvested.

Increasingly gardeners are realizing that quality is more important than quantity, and good flavor has come to become an essential. One of the ways canna boost works is by encouraging the process of photosynthesis in the plant. This helps in increasing the production of sugar inside the fruits. This helps in giving them sweeter taste and improves the concentration of flavors naturally.

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There are many other benefits of canna boost and the new ballast technology. Visit this website to explore these benefits of lumatek air cooled and the flowering stimulator and how they can help you.

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