Fat Loss and Toxins - Understand This Or You May Lose The Battle

By: Alex Ariel Sanders

Chronic obesity and weight problems have led to serious outcries in recent years, specifically in the United States. Many feel it's the fault of fast food outlets and rather laid-back, sedentary lifestyles, but actually research has shown that there are quite a few factors that can be traced back to environmental toxins as well as toxin build-up in the body as a result of artificial preservatives. The link between toxins and obesity has shown that the two are directly linked in what appears to be a spiral, mutually feeding of each other, that's actually getting worse.
It is a long standing fact that morbidly obese individuals have slower metabolisms that allow toxins to accumulate at an incredible rate in their bodies in turn resulting in illnesses such as heart problems and hypertension, as well as a substantially increased risk of degenerative disease development like osteoarthritis and diabetes.
You may not be aware that environmental toxins accumulate in the body from things like:
* produce laced with poisonous pesticides
* meat from animals that were fed with grains that contain residues in the form of pesticides or animals that were boosted with hormones
* processed foods containing a variety of artificial ingredients and preservatives that bond to the tissues of the body and block the normal functioning of certain organs
How this works? The body tries to resist and protect itself from harmful and dangerous substance contamination, when bombed by immense quantities it's unable handle, by encapsulating the poisonous substance in fat pockets and storing them until later when it may have the ability to effectively remove them.
The problem is that these toxins are coming at us in such quantities that there never seems to be a time when our intake is low enough for the body to eliminate the buildup already stored. Instead, we keep storing up more waiting for an opportunity to get rid of it.
This fat accumulation again slows the metabolism down to such an extent that it allows for even more build-up. Just shows you how the cycle becomes self-sufficient, resulting in an early grave due to numerous chronic conditions and problems that have developed in the process. Now we get stuck in a rut with a question similar to that of the chicken and egg mystery. The answer is simple. Obesity can lead to toxin build-up in the body and toxin build-up can lead to even more obesity.
While the precise link between toxins and obesity may not be transparent, the solution to the obesity problem can be found in the consumption of a healthier diet consisting of lower toxic substances and higher fiber and nutrient content, which the body needs in order to eliminate as well as burn fat at a faster pace.
An increase in natural fruits and vegetables washed thoroughly to remove traces of toxins such as pesticides is absolutely essential. Red meat processed through commercial feedlots must also be reduced. In addition, processed foods full of artificial ingredients and preservatives should be avoided. Caffeine, cigarette smoke, and chemically treated water consumption should be eliminated or cut significantly, in order to reduce the volume of toxins attacking the body while aiding detoxification of the body.

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