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By: Scott Edwards

There are some people who seem to breeze through life, rejoicing from one triumph to the next. Whereas there are also those who live at the other end of the spectrum, and make a mess of everything they do. It usually comes down to attitude, where the victors maintain a good attitude, and the victims maintain a poor one.
To realise your target weight on a diet program, you must assume the attitude of a victor. Victims attempt actions over-cautiously, hoping for good things, but never really feeling they're worthy of great results. However a victor has already visualised his or her success mentally before the reality catches up.
Picture two sportsmen preparing for the final match: One says "It's my last go - I'll give it my best efforts," but the other one says "Winning is EVERYTHING to me." Who's most likely to succeed?
'Oar' can be used to describe a victor who paddles his way to the winning post. O is for ownership, A is for accountability and R is for responsibility. 'Bed' can be used to describe a victim who remains in bed because he's given up! B is for blame, E is for excuses and D is for denial.
The victor takes ownership of his or her tasks, not expecting someone else to lead the way. He takes account of his actions by taking them seriously. He sees things through by tackling problems instead of creating them. He's responsible for the results of his actions, and so doesn't take excuses from himself.
In contrast, the victim will always be able to tell you why he couldn't do something. He can always find fault with another person - as if that person was in control, not him. He makes excuses for under-performing, not realising the only person he's convincing is himself. After repeating this pattern of blame and excuses for long enough, the victim lives a life of denial, convinced that there's absolutely nothing he can do about his situation.
People approaching a life-changing diet and exercise program need to give themselves a mental work-out, to stack the odds in their favour. To really embrace the health-enhancing program, any traces of the victim syndrome have to be wiped out.
Both the victor and the victim thought processes are down to habit. Both can be changed over time. What is your internal voice saying to you? Make sure it's talking like a victor. It's not true that it's much easier for some than others. Those who've achieved have just worked on their attitude.
"There is no such thing as a hero," as Churchill said, "only those who rise to the occasion." To achieve the weight and health we want, we must adopt the right frame of mind. Then we become capable of anything!

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